Top 8 Must-Haves For Your Virtual Assistant Website | Is your website attracting your dream clients? Your VA website is an essential part of your business and, with these 8 tips you’re sure to make a great impression AND get those clients to sign on the dotted line!

If you are a Virtual Assistant a.k.a. VA or thinking about launching your own VA business, you need a website to help you book those dream clients.

Like with any business, it’s a great idea to have your own website as this is something that you own and isn’t going to be randomly deleted or not get seen by your audience because of some strange algorithm changes.

Your website is what’s going to convert leads into clients and make you stand out from all of the other VAs out there.

As a VA, your website is going to serve as your services “menu”, your lead capture, your portfolio, and an insight into you as a person!

To make sure that you’re making the most of your VA website, here are 8 things that you must have!

Top 8 Must-Haves For Your Virtual Assistant Website

1 | Services Page

Obviously, if you’re building a business that offers your virtual assistant services you need a services page!

This is your place to shine and showcase all of your wonderful offerings to potential clients. Not only should you have a beautifully designed page, you also need to create a services page that converts.

Our best tips on creating a services page that converts?

  1. Highlighting the benefits of working with you
  2. Explain who your ideal client is
  3. Use testimonials
  4. Share pricing (or a range of prices)
  5. Include a call to action (give me a call, send me an email, fill out this form, etc)

You can read more on our tips here.

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2 | Responsive design / mobile optimization

These days, your website has to have a responsive design and it must be mobile optimized. You’re in luck because we created a mobile-optimized WordPress theme just for female-owned service-based businesses, including VAs!

Google already punishes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly and you certainly don’t want to miss out on organic, free traffic do you? I didn’t think so!

3 | Testimonials

We mentioned testimonials above but it deserves its own paragraph.

Potential clients want to know how you have helped past clients achieve their goals. Having testimonials on your website can help prospects feel more comfortable reaching out to you because they can see how much you’ve already helped other business owners.

Just starting out? No worries! It’s perfectly fine to use past co-workers and bosses as your testimonials until you get your VA business up and going. Just be clear in describing the capacity at which you worked with these individuals.

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4 | Contact information

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but you would be surprised at how many websites don’t have their contact information front and center!

Since you are building your VA business, you probably want potential clients to contact you in some way.

Make that contact information available on every page of your website.

Whether you want someone to call you or email you it doesn’t matter. Your audience should know how to contact you no matter what page they are on. You don’t want to miss out on any potential clients!

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5 | Amazing content

There are several reasons why you should be sharing some type of content on your website: Google likes websites that are regularly updated, it can show off your expertise, it builds relationships with your audience, etc.

But your content doesn’t necessarily have to be a blog. It could be videos or podcasts.

Just make sure this content is hosted on your website so you can drive search and social media traffic back to your site. You should always be looking for ways to drive traffic back to your VA website.

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6 | CTAs

Call to action (CTAs) are a key feature of any website. Every page and blog post on your VA website should have at least one CTA.

Sometimes, people need to be told reminded what to do. Drive them to sign up for your email newsletter, leave a comment on your blog post, pick up the phone to call you…these are all only examples of CTAs you can use on your website. The options are endless!

You want your readers to take action after landing on a page of your website, so focus on creating strong CTAs to get the best results.

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7 | About Page

The about page is often an afterthought on a website but it really shouldn’t be. Our about page is one of the most visited pages on our site actually!

Use this space to not only describe yourself but also how you use your skills to help your clients. The about page is about you, but it’s also about your potential clients.

What makes you unique from other virtual assistants?

What do you bring to the table?

Who is the ideal person you want to work with?

Answering these questions will help you narrow in on how to craft your about page to attract your ideal clients.

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8 | FAQs

Some people don’t know what it’s like to work with a VA and they may be a little weary of hiring you. That’s okay! FAQs solves that problem.

FAQs combats any confusion or uncertainty that potential clients may have about working with you. By answering questions such as, “what is it like to work with you?” and “how do I know if I’m ready to work with a VA?” upfront, your potential clients will already start to feel more comfortable with the idea of working with you.

FAQs could turn a “maybe” client into a “sign on the dotted line” client!

Final Thoughts

Your VA website is an essential part of your business and, with these 8 tips, you’re sure to make a great impression!

In addition to these key features, your website also needs to look amazing visually.

We hope this was helpful and if you’re looking for a beautiful WordPress theme for your VA site be sure to check out our ChicServe theme!

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