As a small business owner, having a custom designed website for your business might not make sense for you to do at this point in time. We suggest purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme and describe the many benefits below.

As a small business owner, having a custom-designed website for your business might not make sense for you to do at this point in time.

Between having a very high cost, and requiring a lot of time to go back and forth with a designer, it can be a bigger headache than you imagined.

At the same time, you might be wanting to have something a little more professional than a free WordPress theme.

While there are some great free themes out there, they often aren’t updated and offer almost no assistance or instructions on installing.

While there are times where it makes sense to use a free theme, as well as times it makes sense to have a custom-built theme, many small businesses appreciate the benefits of purchasing a pre-made premium WordPress theme.

Once you have selected a WordPress hosting provider, you’re ready to begin the process of finding your perfect WordPress theme. We suggest purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme and describe the many benefits below.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Feminine Premium WordPress Theme

1 | Quality

While there are some free WordPress themes that are coded well, many are not. Having bad code may present problems in website development, debugging, and modifying.

Purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme gives you the benefit of having code that is readable and understandable if you would need to add in any features or edit any of the code in the future.

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2 | Security

Purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme will likely be more secure than using a free WordPress theme. This is because developers who are building pre-made themes will build themes that are compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. They also will take time to update themes they have already created to be as secure as possible.

While some free themes do have regular updates, you never know when the developer will make the updates, or if they will at all. There is no guarantee your website is safe and secure from hackers with a free theme.

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3 | Affordability

One of the best benefits of purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme is that it can be very affordable for a small business.

The reason why it can be so affordable is that the web developer is selling this theme to multiple people, which helps divide up the cost of the time spent developing the website.

If you were to work with a developer to build a custom website, they are building it from the ground up and you are the only person that is purchasing this theme, which means they will need to charge you more as it is a one-time creation.

Custom websites can range in price, but most start at least $2,000. A majority of pre-made WordPress themes cost around $100.

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4 | Easy set up

Another very big bonus of purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme is that it can be very easy to set up.

You will not have to email back and forth with a developer that much because the design is built ready to use. Great developers of pre-made WordPress themes will give you detailed documentation covering exactly how to install your WordPress theme.

You can be up and running with your new theme in just one day if you need to be up and running quickly.

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5 | Flexibility

Since a pre-made theme is supporting a variety of users, most times they are built to be very flexible.

This means there are usually a variety of layout options and features. You can easily add a blog or online shop to your website.

6 | Future-proofing

Since multiple people will be using this theme, oftentimes web developers will offer support for users of this theme.

This does not mean that they will provide general WordPress support or customization, but they will offer support for theme installation & set up and fix any issues within a purchased theme.

WordPress often has updates to its software, but that doesn’t mean every developer will make the appropriate updates to their themes. Often, when you purchase a pre-made theme, the developer will also offer to make updates to the theme code if there were to be WordPress updates in the future (which there almost certainly will be!).

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Final thoughts

As you can see, we think purchasing a pre-made WordPress theme is a great alternative to using a free template or hiring an expensive web designer. This option is perfect for you small business owners out there who want to invest in your business but aren’t ready to invest a large amount of money.

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