It happens to all of us. You’re on a roll with your work, you’re in the groove feeling like a #girlboss.

Everything is perfect and then, it happens. You lose your inspiration.

The fact of the matter is nobody can feel inspired all of the time but it can be difficult to get out of your uninspired funk.

Popular author Jeff Goins shares that you need to fight through the resistance when you aren’t feeling inspired, which is one way to combat uninspiration.

In addition to fighting through the resistance, I’ve listed 8 other ways to find inspiration when you aren’t feeling inspired. Enjoy!

Where To Find Inspiration (When You’re Not Feeling Inspired)

1 | Instagram

Instagram is an interesting phenomenon because I can feel both inspired and overwhelmed all at the same time. For the most part though, I feel inspired when I scroll through Instagram. When I’m not feeling inspired, I look up hashtags or accounts that share inspirational messages to get me out of a funk.

Here are a few inspirational hashtags to check out:

And here are a few inspiring accounts:
Lean In Org
Instagram Inspiration

If you feel yourself starting to compare, I’d recommend taking a day or two off social media. It does wonders for your mindset!

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2 | Podcasts

If Instagram doesn’t do the trick, why not try out a podcast? Below are a few great ones to help you get your mojo back.

The Real Female Entrepreneur
Being Boss
Jess Lively Show
ZenHabits Radio
She Makes Magic
Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert
The Chalene Show

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3 | Pinterest

Browsing Pinterest is another one of my favorite ways to get inspired, however, I actually don’t browse web design related boards.

To truly get inspired, I try to find boards outside of my industry. Here are a few good ones to start with:

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4 | Books

Sometimes to get inspired you need to get unplugged. One of my all-time favorite things to do is to browse my local bookstore. I like to walk up and down each aisle, take my time, and look at anything that catches my eye.

Similar to how I use Pinterest for inspiration, I actually look at any type of book except web design. I find I gain the best inspiration from industries outside of my own, so I’ll look through travel books, cookbooks, fashion magazines, home decor books, or self-development books.

Reading has always inspired me, even as a kid, so I encourage you to check out your local bookstore or library the next time you’re feeling uninspired!

5 | Websites

When all is going wrong in the world (we’ve all had those days, haven’t we?!), sometimes you want to read a feel-good, make you happy story. Here are a few websites that are constantly sharing positivity and happiness.

Positivity on Tumblr

6 | TED Talks / YouTube videos

Video is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. While podcasts are great to listen to, there is something about capturing moments on video that really helps you connect with the other person.

You can both hear and see them, which can elevate the experience and make the topic really resonate.

TED Talks are a great place to start when you’re looking for inspiration. Here are a couple of articles to browse:
15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life
20 Most Inspiring TED Talks of All Time

7 | Talk with someone

Running your own online business, even if you do it with your partner, can be lonely at times. You can easily fall into a bubble where all you do it work, work, work, and you don’t get much human interaction besides talking to your child or your partner.

Meet a friend out for coffee, create a mastermind group, Skype with a business owner you admire. Talking to someone else, specifically someone that is outside of your business, can do wonders for your inspiration.

They will have ideas that you never even dreamed of and it can start to get the creative juices flowing again.

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8 | Go to sleep

Finally, if all else fails, go to sleep. Now you may be wondering “what if it’s the middle of the day?!

While many of you may not be able to just take a nap in the middle of the day (oh, how those days are long gone!), what I mean is to take a break. Stop trying to force inspiration on yourself.

Sometimes you’ll need to sleep on it before you can start feeling inspired again. Inspiration never leaves for good, so give it a rest and let it go until tomorrow. Most things can wait!

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when you’re not feeling inspired is that it’s okay. No one is expecting you to be inspired 24/7. It’s impossible, and truthfully a bit alarming if you are inspired all of the time.

Often, the best inspiration comes after a bout of uninspiration, so be kind to yourself and let go. It will all work out in the end!

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