Top 10 Tools You Can Use To Run Your Online Shop | These 10 business tools make it possible for us to run our online shop smoothly and effectively. Including shopping cart, measure website analytics, etc.

If it weren’t for these tools, our online shop wouldn’t exist.

Bold statement, but it’s true.

If we had to spend all of our time manually doing all of these tasks that these 12 tools do for us, we would have no time to create our lovely WordPress themes for all of you.

All of these tools make it possible for us to run our online business smoothly and effectively.

Top 12 Tools You Can Use To Run Your Online Shop

1 | SendOwl

SendOwl is what we use to sell our digital products (WordPress themes). SendOwl handles the payment process (customers can use credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or even Bitcoin) and automatically sends the customer an email with the digital product. So easy!

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2 | Feedly

Feedly helps us schedule out our Twitter and Pinterest content to go out. Feedly is an aggregator where you can put all of the blogs and websites you visit frequently into one place where you can read.

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3 | Later

We use Later to schedule our Instagram posts to go out. We love Later because it has a calendar viewing option, a grid preview, and has great analytics so you can see which posts get the most engagement, likes and more.

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4 | Tailwind

This Pinterest scheduling tool saves us so much time! We use it to schedule our pins in bulk and it will automatically pin them to the boards we want them shared to on schedule so they don’t go out all at the same time. Tailwind also analyzes our best pinning times. It’s fabulous and very reasonably priced!

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5 | HotJar

HotJar is an amazing tool that you can use to understand where visitors use your website by showing heat maps.

This can be extremely useful information that you can use to turn more visitors into customers. CrazyEgg is another great option.

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6 | Recurpost

Recurpost offers a similar service to MeetEdgar, which lets you recycle social media posts to continue to drive traffic back to your website.

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7 | Zapier

Zapier is an amazing app that you can use to automate tasks between web applications, saving us hours of time.

We use Zapier to zap the emails of people who purchase a Bluchic WordPress theme into our SendinBlue account (featured below). This way, our customer’s emails are automatically added to our email list!

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We use IFTTT to send our Instagram posts directly to Facebook and Twitter. It’s similar to Zapier in that you set up “recipes” of automation for your business.

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9 | MailerLite

To send our email newsletters (sign up here for free goodies!), we use MailerLite. We’ve also love ConvertKit.

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10 | SC Stockshop

One of our absolute favorite styled stock photography options! (You can view our giant round up of styled stock photography here).

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11 | Freshdesk

We use Freshdesk to support our customers when they have questions or issues with implementing our WordPress themes.

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12 | Google Analytics

The ultimate tool to measure your website analytics! Google analytics is an amazing free resource that every online business owner should be using.

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Final Thoughts

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