Service-Based Sites From Bluchic Templates | There's no better way to capture how Bluchic WordPress Themes help service-based businesses than to show you their sites. Check out our favs!

Since 2012, we’ve helped over 30,000 customers build professional-looking, yet fun and unique, websites that help them show up confidently online! We have 9 different Elementor WordPress themes, 15 different funnel templates, and countless other add-on templates, so there’s definitely something out there for you!

But we know how websites work — you’ve got to see it to believe it. And because of that, we’ve rounded up our favorite serviced-based sites, made with our very own templates!

If you’re a service provider looking to revamp your site, or you’re just curious to see what a Bluchic WordPress Theme looks like in real life, then keep scrolling!

Our Favorite Service-Based Sites Made With Bluchic Templates

1 | Aidyn’s Books For Authors

Using our ChicSpark WordPress theme, Quinn designed a custom site that helps her show off her love for connecting children’s book authors and their readers. With a soft backdrop, soothing blues, and the cutest illustrations we’ve ever seen, we totally think she knocked it out of the park!

She did a great job of utilizing all the sections and pages in this template — and really made them her own!

Aidyn’s Books For Authors - ChicSpark Theme

Aidyn’s Books For Authors has even been featured in several big-name publications! Her brand, and website, definitely show off the loving, nurturing spirit behind her business. 

The ChicSpark theme (the same one Quinn used to create this site) comes with everything you need to create your own gorgeous website, including:

  • A homepage to hook your visitors and show them exactly how to work with you
  • An about page to make sure you stand out in your industry or niche
  • A contact page to encourage potential clients to get in touch with you and craft authentic connections
  • A blog page to share your knowledge, showcase your expertise, and boost SEO
  • And so much more!

2 | Minogue Education

With our ChicServe WordPress theme, Haley captured the look and feel of an elegant salon education and consulting business. You can’t help but notice the luxury right off the bat. 

She used many of the same elements included in the original template, but she added a few unique touches, like marble backdrops and her own brand photography. Those small touches turned this into a truly unique site!

Minogue Education -- ChicServe Theme

The ChicServe theme that Haley used comes with everything you need to create your own professional website, including: 

  • A homepage that immediately captures your audience’s attention and makes them eager to learn more
  • An about page to help you show off what sets you apart
  • Two different services pages to help you showcase your offers in a unique format
  • A contact page to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you
  • And so much more!

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3 | Kate Wilkinson

Kate used our ChicBoss WordPress theme, and we think the end result is stunning! She did a great job of adjusting the colors and design elements in a way that felt right for her biz and that communicated her bottom line in the best way possible. 

From the home page, you can clearly tell that Kate helps fellow business owners scale through high-level digital strategies and systems through her signature framework, Mindset, Strategy, & Expansion™.

Kate Wilkinson - ChicBoss Theme

A website is the best way to show potential clients and customers what you’re all about — and Kate truly captures her personality and expertise through the customization done on the ChicBoss WordPress Theme!

The ChicBoss theme is great for service providers like Kate because it comes with everything you need to put your best foot forward, like

  • A homepage to get people curious for more and keep scrolling along
  • An about page to make sure you’re able to articulate exactly what’s different about working with you
  • A blog page to help back up your biz as an excellent service provider or coach
  • A testimonial page to share past clients’ raving reviews
  • And so much more!
If you’re a service provider looking to revamp your site, or you’re just curious to see what a Bluchic WordPress Theme looks like in action, check out some of our favorite customer sites from 2022:Click To Tweet

Final Thoughts

All of our templates are designed to help you create and customize a professional website, without the expensive price tag. No need for 1:1 help or to know code to make your site feel exactly like you!

Bluchic WordPress themes are professional web designs made simple!

Whether you’ve got a bold brand ready to make a statement or you have a softer style that’s there to support and encourage your audience, we’ve got an easy-to-access, easy-to-customize WordPress theme for you.

Take a look around our theme shop and in the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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