Last-Minute Black Friday Tips | Black Friday will be here before you know it. Here are 5 things to do NOW to make sure your site is ready for the big sale weekend.

Black Friday 2022 is coming, and it’s coming quick! This is the biggest sale day of the year and, to give you a little perspective, retail sales in 2021 grew 14.1% over sales in 2020

Have you been prepping your site for the big day? The five days between Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and Cyber Monday are the year’s busiest holiday shopping days, and as online biz with website-only access, you need to be extra prepared!

Don’t worry; we have some last-minute Black Friday prep tips to check off your list before the clock hits midnight on the big day! 

Last-Minute Tips to Get Your Biz Ready for Black Friday

1 | Double check your website’s preparedness 

Your website is the first and only line of action for prospective Black Friday shoppers, so it needs to be ready. Some things you can do to make sure you’re website is up for the challenge are to:

  • Stress-test your website: You’ll check site speed, links, checkout process, and anything that can affect your customer experience during the sale. You should also optimize for mobile by making buttons tap-friendly, making CTAs stand out, minimizing pop-ups, and checking mobile versions of animations, videos, etc.
  • Check your promo material: The promotional elements of your site and social media should be at their absolute best. Make sure you have well-designed and user-friendly banners, pop-ups, product placements, and checkout/cart locations.

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2 | Review your sales goals 

By this point you’ve set your prospective sales goals for Black Friday weekend. (Or, if you haven’t, now is a great time to do so!) These goals will be your top priority, as they will help position you for what else you need to do to prepare your biz. 

Since the sale is now right around the corner you may want to tweak those goals, or even might have ideas for new, better goals based on your recent inventory, marketing, and payroll numbers. 

Remember, effective sales goals are specific, measurable, and achievable! 

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3 | Reach out to your audience ahead of time

Drafting and sending an email, newsletter, or notification signup before your sale begins could go a long way in the days leading up to Black Friday. Use this opportunity to entice your ideal customer and target audience with exclusive Black Friday sale sneak peeks, or coupon codes that are only available to certain audiences (another exclusivity perk!). 

Remember, this is a holiday week for most people, and in between family time and waiting for flights a lot of people will be searching their emails and planning out what deals they want to take advantage of before the day of. This is your chance to grab that attention and capitalize on their planning as you continue yours! 

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4 | Prepare your team for the big day

As stressful a time this is to be the owner of a business, it’s also significantly stressful to be your team, too! Take some time to prepare your customer service team about how to manage live chat, emails, social media, etc. during these sale days — and figure out ahead of time who will be online when.

Some people may take the holiday weekend off, so you’ll want to make sure you know you have coverage for your inbox, tech, and so on.

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5 | Plan for anything 

Mistakes happen; let’s not skirt around it. Make sure that you know how to fix broken links, checkout errors, and even site crashes. It’s not fun to think about these things, but if you’re prepared, you’ll feel so much better when you have an influx of buyers.

It never hurts to be prepared!

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Final Thoughts 

Remember, when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and like there’s way too much to think about before launching your Black Friday sale, tell yourself: it’s only once a year! Obviously, Black Friday is a lot of work, but the results can be really rewarding when you put the right amount of prep into it. The best part? With these steps, you are much more likely to have a smooth sale — and that leads to more money in your pocket and happier buyers.

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