While there are plenty of plugins out there, here we feature the top 10 WordPress plugins we believe every business owner needs on their site.

Plugins are one of the reasons why we love and recommend WordPress as your website management system.

WordPress plugins are a great way to extend your website’s functionality, without slowing down your website.

WordPress was built to be lean and lightweight for users. Plugins are a way to customize your website to fit your specific business needs.

While there are plenty of plugins out there that we love, here we feature the top 10 WordPress plugins we believe every business owner needs on their website.

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Need On Your Website

1 | Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins out there. This plugin helps boost SEO across your entire website and offers so much value, especially for being a free plugin.

Yoast SEO helps you write better content by forcing you to choose a keyword when you’re writing articles so you can be sure to include that keyword multiple times throughout your blog post.

It also has page analysis that checks for alt tags on your images, proper meta descriptions, subheadings, and other details you may forget to include in your blog posts.

Download Yoast SEO now

2 | BackWPup

BackWPup is a freemium backup plugin that creates automatic backups of your WordPress website.

If you take your business seriously, you need to be backing up your content regularly in case the worst situation arises. Using a plugin like BackWPup ensures that your website content is stored somewhere else (such as Dropbox) in case your website were to ever get hacked or go down.

We use the paid version of BackWPup as well as manually back up our website.

Download BackWPup now

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3 | Pretty Link

Hate those long, ugly hyperlinks on your website? Us too. Pretty Link to the rescue!

Pretty Link is a freemium plugin that enables you to shorten links using your own domain (instead of using bit.ly or tinyurl) so you can create clean, easy-to-remember hyperlinks for your site.

Pretty Link can track each visit to your IRL and provide a detailed report of where the click came from, as well as the browser and host. Pretty neat, right?

Download Pretty Link now

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4 | Child Theme Configurator

A child theme is important to use if you plan on editing any of the CSS or styling to your current WordPress theme. The reason why is because if the developer of your theme makes a system update to the theme (which can happen often), any editing you had done on the CSS styling sheet will be lost for good once you make the update.

Using a plugin such as the Child Theme Configurator makes it easy for you to do any editing in a child theme (your main theme is called the “parent theme.”)

Download Child Theme Configurator now

5 | Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons is a simple and easy to use plugin, just as it states. It allows you to insert social icons in any widget area.

You can customize the color and size of your social icons as well as align them in any sort of way, all within a widget. Super simple and super easy!

Download Simple Social Icons now

6 | WP Super Cache

A caching plugin helps your blog load faster for users. Essentially what it does is it will put content such as HTML pages, images, and files on a user’s local hard drive, making it faster to pull up the next time the user visits your site.

We use WP Super Cache as our caching plugin and have no complaints. They do have over 1 million active installs, so they are obviously supported by a lot of other business owners!

Download WP Super Cache now

7 | WPForms Lite

There are a lot of different contact form plugins out there but we love and use WPForms Lite. The drag and drop form builder makes it super easy for you to create a beautiful contact form in just minutes.

WPForms Lite is mobile responsive, optimized for server performance, and includes pre-built form templates you can use.

Download WPForms Lite now

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8 | Social Warfare

The Social Warfare plugin enables you to add social share buttons to your website. We not only like the attractiveness of the social sharing buttons that Social Warfare offers, but also that you can customize the buttons to match your branding and this plugin will never slow down your site (several other social sharing plugins end up slowing down your site).

Download Social Warfare now

9 | Disqus

Disqus is a plugin that makes commenting easier and more interactive on your website. Disqus helps filter spam comments and gives readers an easy way to add a comment and participate in the discussion.

Though we don’t utilize a comment section here on our site, if we were to recommend a commenting plugin to our customers Disqus would be it.

Download Disqus now

10 | Jetpack

Jetpack helps you increase traffic, speeds up your website, and protects your site from hackers.

It also gives you website stats and analytics, streamlines your content editor and creation tools that help you grow your website.

Download Jetpack now

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11 | Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin helps search engines better index your blog, helping you get ranked higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A sitemap makes it easier for crawlers (what search engines use) to find your website and retrieve information from it more efficiently.

This plugin also notifies all major search engines every time you create a new piece of content, all for free!

Download Google XML Sitemaps now

12 | WordPress Importer

If you ever need to move your WordPress content to another WordPress site, this plugin is the one to use.

It imports posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, custom fields, and more from a WordPress export file, making it easy for you to get your site up and running again.

Download WordPress Importer now

Final Thoughts

We obviously love WordPress (we wouldn’t own a WordPress theme shop if we didn’t!) and always recommend it to any business owner, big or small. Plugins make it simple for you to customize your site to fit your brand’s needs, without weighing down your site.

There are always new up-and-coming plugins that we test and try, so make sure you’re subscribed to our blog to keep up with the latest!

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