How to Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme | Choosing the perfect WordPress theme is no easy feat. But if you follow these steps, you’re sure to end up with your dream website!

The time has come. You’re ready to update your website — or build one for the first time.

Your starting place? Choosing the platform you’ll build your website on. Here at Bluchic, we’re especially partial to WordPress because you can easily customize and manage pages without much coding knowledge. Plus, there are so many plugins that make it easy to streamline performance.

But if you’ve chosen WordPress to build (or rebuild) your website… what next? You need a WordPress website theme, of course! But with so many options out there on the internet, how do you choose the perfect one? 

The WordPress theme you won’t get bored of in another year, the one your customers will love, the one that instantly sells them from the layout and color scheme alone… 

We’re so glad you asked! Welcome to a how-to guide on choosing the perfect WordPress theme for your website.

How to Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme

1 | Start With The Research

Like any good business decision, this one should start with research. If you’ve been in business for a little while already, you’ve probably got some market research on hand already. If it’s enough for you to make an informed decision, go with it! 

But if not, or if you’re new in business and have no market research to point to, then you need to start from scratch. 

First, research your competition. Is there a similarity between their websites? Do they tend to use a similar color scheme, font type, layout, etc.? 

For example, in the high-end wedding photography niche, most homepages open with a carousel of some of the most gorgeous shots, handpicked by the photographer for display. In the coaching business, the first thing you often see is an opening section with a catchy tagline and short “This is who I am and what I’m about” description. 

After you’ve nailed down the general similarities in your niche, start to look into your audience in particular. Are they interested in a more luxury, sleek, modern feel? A bold statement? Defining what look and feel will both grab their attention and make them feel at home is key to choosing the right theme. 

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2 | Go With Your Gut

You know your business best. When you first started out to build it, whether that was yesterday or 6 years ago, you had a vision for what you wanted it to be. Make sure you know what that vision is, and refine it if needed. (Our vision statement will change over time, that’s OK!)

Not every WordPress theme is going to align with your vision. In fact, most of them won’t! You’ll know which WordPress theme truly aligns with the brand and business you want to build when you see it. And if you can’t nail down the *exact* one, you’ll be left with a handful of amazing options instead of, oh, about a million! 

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3 | Find a WordPress Theme That Matches Your Offer

Not every WordPress theme is made for your kind of business. If you sell physical products, for example, you’ll have a different theme than someone who offers coaching and vice versa. You shouldn’t try to shoehorn your offers into a template not made for them!

That’s why, at Bluchic, we’ve created WordPress themes for:

It helps to choose templates that fit your offers — and it whittles down your choices so you’re not overwhelmed!

Final Thoughts

A WordPress theme is going to help you go the extra mile with your site, without pouring all your time, money, and energy into it. But we know that, sometimes, you offer more than 1 service, product, or offer — and you want a website that reflects all you do.

That can be incredibly hard to find a template for… and that’s why we created ChicRadiant.

Our ChicRadiant Theme is modern, stylish, professional, and credible that shows off the personality and heart behind your multi-faceted business.

It can be challenging to create a website that captures all the unique facets and multiple offers you have in your business, whether it’s services, products, podcasts, courses, or something else. 

Built strategically for unshakeable entrepreneurs and multi-faceted/multi-offer online business owners, ChicRadiant is calling your name. 

Get past the blocks that are stopping you from being a CEO in your business — and from finding the perfect WordPress theme. Shop ChicRadiant today and get the website you’ve always dreamed of!