6 Mistakes You’re Making During Your Launch | Preparation is crucial when you’re launching a new offer. Find out how to avoid the most common launch mistakes that can impact sales.

Ready to launch a new offer? It’s so important to have a detailed plan for your launch, and preparing your audience is a crucial part of setting yourself up for success.

But making a solid launch plan isn’t just about knowing what to do — it’s just as important to know what not to do! There are plenty of launch mistakes made; it’

We’ve made it through a lot of launches (some more successful than others), so we know what it’s like to deal with the consequences of simple mistakes. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid these errors as long as you know what to watch out for!

6 Mistakes You’re Making During Your Launch

1 | Not Having a Runway

The most common mistake we see when it comes to launching a new offer? Winging it.

You’ve poured so much time and effort into creating your new offer that it’s really tempting to skip the launch preparations.

But a launch runway is vital! It’s the support system that your offer needs to be successful. 

Without a launch runway, your audience doesn’t get the chance to anticipate your new offer. 

That means they’re less likely to buy when you release your new product.

When you do create a launch runway, on the other hand, you’ve got the tools to ramp up excitement for your new offer. You give your audience a chance to share your excitement and maybe even spread the word to their network. 

And you drastically increase the odds of strong sales on launch day.

2 | Not Using Your Best Platforms

It’s important to engage with your audience leading up to the launch. It’s your chance to share your excitement for the new offer and build anticipation before launch day. 

But where should you engage with your audience?

You might automatically think about your favorite social platform or your monthly newsletter. But those might not be the best places to promote your launch!

Instead of just defaulting to the easiest platform, dig into your website’s metrics. Where is most of your traffic coming from? Which platforms get the best engagement from your audience? 

Figure out where your audience engages with your brand, and focus your efforts there.

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3 | Not Having a Kickoff Event

We get it — the months leading up to launch day can be exhausting. And it’s so tempting to think of your launch as the finish line where you finally get to rest.

But you’re not quite there yet!

Finish your launch runway strong with a kickoff event. It’s crucial to reward your audience for their interest and finally provides a payoff for the anticipation you’ve built up.

Plan a kickoff event that makes sense for your audience. Maybe that’s a webinar or challenge or giveaway. But it can also be something smaller, like a celebratory social media post. 

The key is to do something to mark the occasion and showcase your excitement about the offer.

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4 | Not Re-Engaging Cart Abandons

If you’ve built anticipation for your offer over the course of your launch runway, chances are you’ll enjoy strong sales on launch day.

But what about all those potential customers who engage with the launch, get halfway through purchasing, and then vanish?

It would be easy to ignore them, but that’s a mistake. Re-engage them! Send a follow-up email or notification reminding them of the offer sitting in their cart. Or ask them to provide feedback on why they didn’t choose to buy.

There are many possible options for re-engaging with potential customers. The point is to find a way to remind them of your offer and encourage them to complete that purchase.

5 | Using Too Many Tools at Once

You’re excited about your launch, and you figure this is a great time to try out a sleek new cart system or fancy automation. Resist!

Launches are challenging enough without extra complications. When you add something new to your workflow, chances are you’ll experience some hiccups that will stress you out and sour your customers’ experience. 

That’s the last thing you want to do on launch day!

There’s nothing wrong with changing your process or trying out new tools. But save the experiments for another time, and keep things as simple as possible for your launch.

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6 | Not Reflecting on the Launch

Remember, launch day isn’t the finish line. And the next day probably shouldn’t be either.

Take some time right after your launch to reflect on the whole process. Congratulate yourself on all the things you did right. 

And be honest about those elements that need work and what you need to do after your launch.

Analyze your metrics — did you meet your goals? Think about how you felt during the launch, and consider your audience’s reaction. 

All launches are a mix of good and bad. And there’s nothing wrong with identifying the things that could have gone better. Doing so gives you valuable information you can apply to make the next launch more successful.

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Final Thoughts 

Creating the right offer for your audience is only half of the equation when it comes to a successful launch. You also need a solid launch plan so you can avoid costly mistakes. 

Not following up with potential customers is a big error we often see. Many creators also fail to promote their new offer enough or spend too much time promoting it on the wrong platform. 

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