Build a Launch Runway for Your New Offer | A launch runway gives your new offer the best chance of success. Find out how to create a strong launch runway that successfully drives sales.

You’ve worked hard on your new offer and it’s ready to launch. How do you make sure all your time and effort get rewarded with strong sales?

The answer is a launch runway.

A launch runway introduces your target audience to your new product and ramps up interest before launch. That means when you do put your new offer out there, you already have potential customers who are excited about it and ready to buy.

So, what are the elements of a launch runway? What’s the best way to get your audience excited and prepared for your new offer? Read on to learn exactly how to build an effective runway.

The Importance of a Launch Runway for Your New Offer

1 | Clarify Your Goals

You can’t just create your product, pick a launch date, and hope for the best.

Long before you release your product or even create a launch plan, identify your goals so you can figure out a way to reach them. 

First, make sure you’ve got clear metrics you can use to measure the success of your launch. Specific goals, like the number or dollar amount of sales, are best. 

Then, make sure you use those metrics during your launch to evaluate its success and find ways to improve before your next launch.

2 | Plan Ahead

Preparing for your launch isn’t a last-minute activity. It’s best to start building your runway months in advance of your actual launch.

But even before that, it’s important to make sure your new offer or product is something that your audience actually wants. 

It’s easy to come up with a new offer based on what you value, but it’s even more important to make sure your idea is something that your audience will be excited about. 

There are many ways to validate potential product ideas. You could survey your audience, start conversations on social media, host a beta test, or request feedback. Ask your audience what they want from your brand. What kind of product or offer could you provide to solve a problem they have?

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3 | Create a Detailed Launch Plan

You’ve identified your goals and the metrics you’ll use to measure success. And you’ve verified that your new offer is something that your audience actually wants.

Now it’s time to build your launch runway.

There are lots of potential elements you can use for your runway. Email, social media, and affiliate marketing are all great options. 

But no matter what you decide to include in your plan, the key is to build a detailed schedule and then stick to it. Plan every single facet of your launch runway! 

Create a calendar and set dates for emails, social media posts, and other runway elements so you know exactly how much time to have to create the content and get it ready to send.

And remember to build in some buffer time. Chances are something will go wrong or take three times as long as you thought. But your plan can withstand those little hiccups when you have buffer time.

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4 | Notify Your Email List

A great place to start your launch runway is with emails. A few months before you plan to launch, send some teaser messages or newsletters to your email list. 

You want to make sure your audience knows that something new is coming so they can start thinking about it. That way, when you do launch, you have potential customers who have already decided they want your new offer.

Don’t overdo it with your launch emails. You don’t want to flood your audience with so many messages that they stop engaging with you or think you’re getting desperate. Stick close to your normal email frequency, and make sure you’re highlighting the value this new offer will bring to your audience.

Another email option is to consider creating an affiliate program with other creators in your space. That can give you access to their subscribers so you can grow your email list and allow you to provide value to their audience as well as your own.

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5 | Create a Social Media Campaign

Social media can be another excellent way to build excitement for your new offer. 

A great way to start is by sharing behind-the-scenes content on your social platforms. Show your audience glimpses of what you’re working on. It gives them an “insider” view and highlights how excited you are about this new offer.

Social media is also a great place to share teaser content. You can slowly reveal more details as you get closer to launch, giving your audience just enough info to pique their interest.

6 | Host a Kickoff Event

Finally, consider hosting a special event for your launch. Challenges, giveaways, and webinars are great options. 

Choose something that aligns with your new product, brand, and target audience. While the overall goal of the event is to boost your launch, it should also provide real value to your customers. The last thing you want is to make the event look like a sleazy sales pitch.

If you decide to do a kickoff event, make sure to tease it in your runway emails and social media posts. Get your audience excited about the event so they’re ready to show up and participate on launch day.

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Final Thoughts 

Creating and launching a new product is a big deal. You put a lot of time and effort into this new idea, so it’s crucial to give it the best chance of success right away.

A launch runway gives you the chance to get your audience excited about your new offer so they’re ready to support you on launch day. As you’re creating your launch emails and social media posts or planning your kickoff event, remember to build a realistic schedule (including buffer time!) and focus on providing value to your customers.

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