The 6 Things Every Online Course Sales Page Needs | Launching your first online course? Here's what every online course sales page needs to be successful!

Is this your year to create your first online course? The rise of online learning is growing rapidly and there are claims that it will be a $300 billion dollar industry.

If this is the year that you will create your first online course, one thing you have to have is a sales page to sell your course (obviously!).

There is a lot of psychology behind what makes a great sales page. The main goal of your sales page is to convince people to purchase your online course.

Here are the 6 things every online course sales page needs to turn browsers into buyers.

The 6 Things Every Online Course Sales Page Needs

1 | Headline

The headline is, dare I say, the most important piece of your online course sales page.

If you can’t capture their attention with your headline they most likely won’t continue reading the page.

Your headline should include keywords that your ideal audience will be looking for. It needs to speak directly to your target audience so they know that they are in the right place.

Try to focus on one powerful emotion to hook your audience in so they want to read more.

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2 | Speak to their pain point

This is where you identify the problem your ideal audience has (a pain point) and how your course solves that problem.

People are constantly looking for solutions to the problems they have.

Your online course sales page needs to address the specific problem your audience has on how your course is the solution to that problem.

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3 | Course details

Now we get into the juicy details of what your course offers!

This is where you can list the benefits of taking your course. Remember: benefits are different from features.

Benefit: Your confidence will increase.

Feature: A 24 page guided journal exercise.

People look for benefits not necessarily features. A guided journal exercise sounds great but increasing my confidence? Now that sounds wonderful! That’s what sells. Outcomes sell.

Think about what your audience will be able to do after completing your course. What skills will they have?

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4 | Testimonials

Testimonials are great for social proof and are a must for every online course sales page.

Testimonials show the story of how someone can go from here (where they are starting and when they have a problem) to there (where they’ve solved that problem).

You can brag about how amazing your course is all day long but sometimes people need to see other people have success with your course before they’re ready to hit purchase.

5 | About the instructor

Sometimes we forget that there could be brand new people landing on your online course sales page.

People that aren’t familiar with you.

People that don’t follow you on social media or are on your email list.

These people may want to know a bit more about you, the instructor, before they buy your course.

Including an “about the instructor” section helps alleviate some of these browsers’ concerns.

This is where you can include background information about you and why you are a trusted expert in your industry.

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6 | FAQs

FAQs are a fantastic way to combat any objections people have to enroll in your course.

What questions would someone ask before buying your course? Make a list of the top 5-10 questions and include those in your FAQs.

Remember, we are addressing any potential concerns someone may have before buying your course.

Final Thoughts

Creating a sales page may seem like a daunting task but when you break it up into bite-size chunks it’s not so bad, we promise!

If you follow this guideline your online course sales page will be off to an amazing start.

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