The Copywriting Advice you Need to Boost Sales | Looking to boost sales? You need to look at the copy on your website. Learn how to improve your copywriting skills and watch those sales roll in!

Looking to boost sales in your business? (Duh!? Who isn’t?) Then you will love today’s post.

So many things go into making your business a success. From overcoming self-doubt to promoting your business the right way, nothing should be left to chance—and that includes copywriting.

Whether you’re adding copy to your website, posting to your Facebook group or guest posting for another business, having a business means you’re going to have to write…a lot.

And like the other aspects of your business that need a lot of attention, copywriting does, too.

Not only will great copy help you boost sales, but it can also help you grow your customer base and your leads.

So take notice, this is what you need to know now.

The Copywriting Advice You Need to Boost Sales

1 | Know your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make while writing copy is losing sight of their audience (which will also prevent you from boosting sales).

The tone of your copy is going to change depending on your demographic.

For example, you’re going to speak to a millennial mom completely differently than a baby boomer. Not only could your sentence structure change, but the slang or keywords within your copy can change, too.

Another thing to consider is if you’re trying to communicate B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer). With B2B copy, you can be a little more technical because you are talking to someone who is more of an expert in the field you’re in.

With B2C communication, you may want to speak more generally because you’ll be casting a wider net. Also, you’ll probably be talking to customers who’ve never heard of your services, so it’s natural that you would speak to this group in a different way.

In addition, knowing what your audience wants to read is key. Whether you’re writing a guest blog post for someone else or creating an e-blast, thinking about your targeted customer will guide your content.

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2 | Create a Strategy

Boosting sales starts with tailoring your message to the right people at the right time. In other words, having a solid strategy around your communication is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Even if you have killer content that really resonates, you could be missing out on sales if that message isn’t where it should be.

That means you should create an overall messaging strategy for your business with subcategories that include: website, social media channels, print materials, guest posting, and email.

Think about how these channels work together and who in your demographic could be absorbing content differently. Then tailor your message accordingly.

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3 | Get to Work

One of the biggest differences between bad copy and good copy? Typos.

Even if you have awesome ideas, if your copy is filled with grammatical and spelling errors, you’re going to lose credibility with your customers real fast.

You may not be taken seriously or you may not be trusted.

So do your business a favor and make sure your copy is easy to read and error-free. After you write your copy, read it again…and again. Then have someone else read it.

If you don’t know anyone personally who is up to the task, you can always hire a copy editor or proofreader as a last set of eyes.

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4 | Get to know SEO

A lot of people think of copywriting and SEO as two completely different things (psst…new to SEO? Check out this blog post).

Even if you have the best products and services in the world if your content isn’t written to capitalize on it, customers are going to have a harder time finding you through Google, and you’ll have a harder time boosting sales.

A big part of SEO is keywords. It’s helpful to do research on the main keywords for your page or post before you write your website copy.

That way when you do get to writing, you’ll have seamless content that doesn’t feel like it was written by a robot.

There is nothing worse than reading a short blog post and finding the keyword phrase 20 times written exactly the same way within three paragraphs (yes, this happens all the time).

Instead, you want to use the keyword 7-10 times throughout one post—and try to vary the ways you speak about it in your copy.

Plug it in throughout different parts of the sentence or vary the phrase just a little so readers don’t get turned off.

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5 | Send off with a CTA

Your website needs great CTAs (that’s calls to action) in addition to great copy to boost sales. After reading about how your product or service can benefit someone, you need to make it really clear what you want your customer to do.

Start your CTA with a strong command verb like “buy,” “download,” or “subscribe.”

Also, adding enthusiasm with a sale that will only last for a specific period and ending with an exclamation point will help draw more attention to your CTA.

For example: Download this ebook by April 30 and get 50% off!

This also plays into people’s FOMO. If they know a deal is going to end, they’ll want to take advantage for fear of missing out.

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Final Thoughts

Boosting sales is an amazing thing because it’s a marker that you’re business is on a positive trajectory.

But not having the right copy may be leaving money on the table.

With these tips, you’ll create a better experience for your customer and be seen as a more credible source.

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