• How to Create an Irresistible Affiliate Program

    Affiliate programs are one of the best and most effective secret weapons for entrepreneurs. They help you reach new audiences, build brand loyalty, streamline income, and even boost your SEO strategy. Not sure what an affiliate program is exactly? Let’s break it down. Say you have digital products or services to sell and you’re ready […]


  • How to Grow Your Audience With a Podcast

    How to Grow Your Audience With a Podcast | Thinking about starting a podcast? That’s great! But let’s make sure it’s worth your time and effort. Here are 5 ways to grow your audience with a podcast! #onlinebusiness #femaleentrepreneurs

    So, you’re thinking about starting a podcast? That’s great! But before you dedicate any extra time and energy to this new adventure, you want to make sure it’s worth it. In other words: What’s in it for you? Turns out, there are a lot of great reasons to start a podcast, like: Expanding your creativity […]


  • 5 Tips to Turn Social Media Followers into Customers

    How to Convert Followers to Customers | As a business owner, how do you convert social media followers into customers? Here are 5 ways you can do just that. #businesstips #socialmediatips #marketingtips #onlinebusiness

    As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know it can be challenging to get your social media follower to do more than just…well, follow you. But each follower presents ample opportunity to grow your business and boost sales. So, how exactly do you turn social media followers into customers? Here, we’re sharing our best […]


  • Tripwire Funnels: What They Are & How to Use Them

    Tripwire Funnels: What They Are & How to Use Them | What is a tripwire funnel, and how do you use them? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about tripwire marketing here. #salesfunnel #emailmarketing #tripwire #digitalproducts #passiveincome

    Writing and sending emails, expanding your opt-in list, trying to get more people to buy your products or book with you… it takes a lot for entrepreneurs to grow their business. It just always feels like there’s something more you should be doing (or building or writing or sharing) to find high-quality leads and turn […]


  • 4 Ways to Grow Your Health & Wellness Business

    There are so many fantastic entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. They’re passionate, super smart, and dedicated to their clients. However, if you’re a new health and wellness entrepreneur yourself, you know that passion and dedication alone aren’t enough to earn an income and grow your biz. (We wish that was the case!) What […]


  • How to Create a Giveaway for Your Health & Wellness Audience

    Have you thought about using giveaways to boost your marketing strategy? As a health and wellness brand, giveaways are a great way to tap into your audience, and even expand your reach with new followers! With a well-planned and exciting giveaway, you can also convert giveaway entrants to social media followers to loyal customers. In […]


  • 5 Reasons Your Business May Benefit From Hosting a Webinar

    Webinars can be an extremely successful marketing tactic for any business. But more often than not, the time, money, and effort it takes to actually create and host a webinar is enough to deter business owners from doing them. As a marketing business ourselves, we can definitely relate to that! However, we’re here to tell […]


  • How to Make an Opt-in Your Audience Actually Wants

    Opt-ins are a not-so-secret marketing weapon to building your email list fast…and without too much time or effort. In case you’re new to marketing for your business, don’t worry! An opt-in page is simply a landing page that you use to capture a prospective customer’s email address. From there, you can send them offers for […]


  • 5 New Ways to Attract More Customers or Clients

    Having trouble to attract more customers to your business? Are you feeling like all your tried-and-true methods just aren’t working anymore? We’re here to help you bust out of that rut. If your social media posts and regular old email newsletters aren’t bringing in the interested leads you want, give one of the methods for […]


  • How To Grow Your Email List with a Free Challenge

    If you’ve run an online business for any length of time, you probably already know the importance of growing your email list. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 87% of B2B (business to business) marketers say email is one of their top free organic distribution channels. There are numerous ways to grow your […]


  • The 6 Things Every Online Course Sales Page Needs

    Is this your year to create your first online course? The rise of online learning is growing rapidly and there are claims that it will be a $300 billion dollar industry. If this is your year that you will create your first online course, one thing you have to have is a sales page to […]