6 Product-Based Businesses Using WordPress Templates | See how these 6 product-based businesses brought their shops to life through Bluchic WordPress Templates!

At Bluchic, our number one mission is to help female entrepreneurs build their dream websites through customizable WordPress templates.

And when we finally get to see those websites come to life, we’re always blown away at the uniqueness and creativity of their businesses, brands, and personality. 

No matter what type of products or offers you have – digital products, physical products, online courses, monthly memberships, and everything in between – our WordPress templates can help you market and sell them to your audiences. The best part? There are no technical skills required! Yes, seriously.

See for yourself how these six women-owned businesses created their unique online shops using Bluchic’s customizable WordPress themes!

6 Product-Based Businesses Using Bluchic WordPress Templates

1 | Thrive Cart Template Shop: using ChicSpark WordPress Theme

ThriveCart is an incredible tool that helps business owners create designed-to-covert shopping cart pages. The only problem? If you’re brand-new to managing a shop – and all the technical aspects involved in creating a sales funnel – it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s where Dama comes in with her stunning ThriveCart Template Shop.

With the help of our very own ChicSpark WordPress theme, Dama has created a gorgeous, on-brand website that’s customized to her business and target audience. Imagine that: A website that sells templates built from a template…and it looks anything but. 

Visit Dama’s website | Shop ChicSpark Theme

Dama’s website - ChicSpark Theme

2 | La Talla Perfecta: using ChicShop WordPress Theme

If you’ve never heard the phrase ‘the bra of your dreams,’ allow us to introduce La Talla Perfecta, which means ‘the perfect size.’ Pretty fitting, right? La Talla Perfecta is located in Mexico City and offers nearly 200 different bra sizes for all types of bodies. 

With the ChicShop WordPress Theme, La Talla Perfecta launched an all-encompassing website complete with an online shop, appointment scheduler, FAQ, details about their process, and so much more. And to compliment their feminine, female-focused brand, their website has been customized with brand fonts, logos, colors, and images!

Website: Visit La Talla Perfecta’s website | View ChicShop Theme

La Talla Perfecta's website - ChicShop Theme

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3 | DREAM & CREATE: using ChicShop WordPress Theme

Dreamy, customized planners come to life through DREAM & CREATE, a beautiful Poland-based business. No matter your planning style, they’ll help you discover exclusive planners that focus on organization, goal-setting, personal development, and everything in between. 

Using ChicShop, DREAM & CREATE has created a seamless shopping experience filled with in-depth product pages and a streamlined checkout process. And, of course, we can’t forget to mention the elements of customization throughout the site, which makes it look and feel anything but templated.

Visit DREAM & CREATE’s website | View ChicShop Theme

DREAM & CREATE's website - ChicShop Theme

4 | Melanie Knights: using ChicShop WordPress Theme

A planner based on the energy of the moon? Body-positive and inclusive stickers? YES and YES.

Melanie Knights has created an inclusive, fat-positive, and diverse stationary shop, along with products to match. And as if that isn’t impressive enough, she also uses her website – built with ChicShop – to share her latest podcast episodes, link to her Patreon, and showcase her bright and bold personality!

Visit Melanie’s website | View ChicShop Theme

Melanie's website - ChicShop Theme
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5 | Pixelcolours: using ChicShop WordPress Theme

Pixelcolours is an incredible business that’s found its niche: Helping others bring their brand to life through unique design elements. The best part? You don’t have to be a graphic designer – Pixelcolours has you covered with handmade fonts, backgrounds, floral and animal designs, and so much more!

Once again, we’re so excited to see these digital products come to life through ChicShop, which makes browsing the hundreds of stunning design elements a blast. 

Visit Pixelcolours’s website | View ChicShop Theme 

 Pixelcolours's website - ChicShop Theme 

6 | Kristin Rappaport: using ChicSavvy WordPress Theme

Kristin Rappaport is ready to help you take your biz and brand to the next level. How? Through consistent marketing graphics, Canva design classes, and a monthly membership. In other words, everything you need to successfully showcase your brand and become a design boss using Canva templates.

With the help of our ChicSavvy template, Kristin has created an incredibly unique website filled with stunning brand colors, unique fonts, iconography, and more! Not to mention, this template – along with our Add-On Templates Kit – lets Kristin manage her online shop, courses, and monthly membership all in one place!

View Kristin’s website | Shop ChicSavvy Theme

Kristin's website - ChicSavvy Theme

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Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you see that it is possible for you to create your dream website. Even though each website is born from a template, these websites look anything but cookie-cutter. That’s because we make sure all of our templates are completely customizable to you and your unique brand. 

Even if you’re not a designer or developer, we give you the tools, tutorials, and support you need to bring your dream website to life. 

So, are you ready to get started? Shop our WordPress themes now!

Bluchic feminine WordPress Themes for your online business

P.s.: If you have a Bluchic site, we want to show it off! Just submit your website to our showcase and we’ll be more than excited to feature it.