Why Start Black Friday Prep Now | Holiday sales are never as far away as you think. Here are some important steps to take for Black Friday prep now!

Believe it or not, Black Friday isn’t just for the big-box retailers who open their doors at 12:01am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s in fact for all businesses – big and small, brick and mortar and online.

Of course, your Black Friday sale will look a little different than other businesses if your offers are sold online. As a small online business owner, you need to think outside of the (big) box for clever ideas to prep your website and other platforms for a successful Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or holiday sale.

Don’t worry, we have more than a few helpful tips to help you begin prepping your website for the big day.

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How to Prep Your Small Business Website for Black Friday

1 | Take stock of current business questions

The first step in strategizing for any big sale or new product drop is to draft a list of questions to address what this big *thing* means for your business. From there, almost like a blueprint, you can begin addressing each question and making a game plan. 

For Black Friday planning, it’s the perfect opportunity to start talking about goals

What are your goals for the sale? Maybe you want to beat last year’s sales numbers or sell more of a new product that hasn’t been getting the attention it should be. By identifying goals you can shift perspective to another important question: What do you need to achieve your goal? This could be creating promotional graphics so you confidently share your products, collecting testimonials to boost social proof, or adjusting your existing sales funnel to align with your audience’s feedback.

Finally, consider where you are right now in your business and where you want to be after you put in the work for this event. Remember, success starts from the ground up, so this might feel like a passive activity but it’s fundamental to reaching your goals

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2 | Stress-test your website

Stress-test your site: You’ll have more traffic on Black Friday and you want to make sure it’s not going to crash. So, now’s the time to check site speed, links, checkout process, and anything that can affect your customer experience during the sale. You should also optimize for mobile: make buttons tap-friendly, make CTAs stand out, minimize popups, and check mobile versions of animations, videos, etc.

Another thing that gets overlooked? Setting your offers on a discount without using a code. Have you ever had an item in your basket, promo code applied, and there’s an error? We don’t want that for your buyers. We want to eliminate any friction possible, so if you can, use a sitewide discount that you set the day your Black Friday sale starts. 

Want a quick stress test checklist? Here you go:

  • Check website speed
  • Test buttons and links 
  • Do a mock checkout process (on desktop and mobile)
  • Run through your site on different devices and browsers
  • Make sure CTAs stand out
  • Minimize pop-ups that don’t drive to the sale

Consider a trial run before 12:01 hits on Black Friday. There is no such thing as being over-prepared!

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3 | Check your promos

Black Friday is just any old Friday for your business if you’re not promoting the sale. It’s a day dedicated to deals, after all, so you want to make sure people know they can get good deals from your site. 

The promotional elements of your site and social should be at their absolute best. So in order to prepare your website, you’ll want to take a hard look at things like

➤ Banners
➤ Pop-ups
➤ Product placement 
➤ Checkout/cart location

You want your sale to be clear, obvious, and inviting. This could mean that you pour a little time into restructuring your site navigation so your shop is clearer, or even organizing your shop items so that your best-sellers are at the top or more easily sorted by type. If you are selling services or access to your membership on Black Friday, you’ll want to make it clear how much people are saving by joining or booking now vs. later.

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4 | Boost your product descriptions

The big draw of Black Friday sales is the idea of urgency. These are deals that only happen in the small window — sometimes just 24 hours! If they were around any longer, they wouldn’t feel as special. 

So how do you SELL that urgency? Livening up the language of your product descriptions to reflect that once-in-a-year sale excitement. Play up that this is a “limited stock item,” or “limited-edition Black Friday item” or “The lowest price ever!” This will make your products stand out and appear more irresistible. 

You can also use positive word of mouth to your advantage by boosting testimonials. While this doesn’t lend to urgency, it does promote trust and credibility in your brand and products. 

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Final Thoughts

Black Friday is the biggest sale day of the year, so it’s totally understandable to feel stressed out or overwhelmed by. Our best advice? Strategize early, do your test runs early, and try to have fun while creating your promotional materials. The sooner you start, the more time you have to prepare — and that will go a long way in creating quality promotions and building your confidence.

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