6 Women-Owned Business Websites We Love | To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re sharing women-owned business websites we love (and how you can launch yours, too)!

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, and Women’s History Month, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favorite women-owned businesses — and the major crushes we have on their websites. 

At Bluchic, we’re all about designing feminine, gorgeous WordPress themes and templates to help female entrepreneurs create and launch their dream websites. 

Nothing makes us blush and swoon more than watching them come to life on our customers’ websites!

Seeing everyone’s unique branding, colors, and customizations is incredibly inspiring, and now we want to share that inspiration with you!

Check out these six women-owned business websites we are loving right now.

6 Women-Owned Business Websites We Love

1 | BlogBiz Academy: using ChicBoss WordPress Theme

Kicking off our list of boss women is none other than Sophie from BlogBiz Academy, who launched her business to help bloggers turn their side hustle into a full-time gig. Using the ChicBoss WordPress Theme from Bluchic, Sophie has brought her site to life with a gorgeous, neutral color palette, minimalist stock photos and mockups, and her own photos from her travel adventures.

ChicBoss Collection

To take her site to the next level, Sophie also used the ChicBoss Add-on Templates Kit to create an entire resources page to help fellow entrepreneurs elevate their blog. 

ChicBoss collection

On top of that, she used the ChicBoss Sales Funnel Templates Kit to turn her site into an automated opt-in generator. With this kit, users can sign up for BlogBiz’s FREE mini-course to learn how to launch their own profitable blog — just like Sophie!

2 | The Personal Branding Project: using ChicBoss WordPress Theme

Looking to create and cultivate your personal brand? Look no further than Kat Elizabeth, the founder of The Personal Branding Project. Using virtually the entire line of ChicBoss templates, Kat has developed an incredibly chic website with tons of resources designed to help entrepreneurs. 

ChicBoss Collection

Podcast & Resources pages: Both of these pages were built using the ChicBoss Add-On Templates Kit, making it super easy to explore additional resources and listen to The Personal Branding Project podcast.

Free Masterclass & Membership pages: Using the ChicBoss Sales Funnel Templates Kit, Kat has created two in-depth pages with all-you-need-to-know information about her masterclass and online course, including why you need it, what’s included, and how to enroll.

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3 | Styling Social: using ChicBoss WordPress Theme

Ellie, the founder of Styling Social, has created her own unique look and feel with the ChicBoss WordPress Theme. With easy-to-browse navigation and pops of bright, bold photography, 

Styling Social’s site is the perfect combination of sleek, stylish, and simple. Both of Ellie’s course sales pages — Instagram Unlocked and Pitch Power — were built using the ChicBoss Sales Funnel Templates, designed to inform and convert.

ChicBoss Collection
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4 | Onlinedrea: using ChicBoss WordPress Theme

The power of social media marketing, empowerment, and inclusiveness all combine on Onlinedrea, founded by Andréa Jones (AKA: Drea). Built with the ChicBoss WordPress Theme, Drea has brought her brand and biz to life in the most, well, boss way. 

With a site that’s chic and easy-to-browse, you can find everything you need to know about Drea’s work, team, and services. If listening is more your style, you can tune in to The Savvy Social Podcast from her website, a page built using the ChicBoss Add-On Templates Kit.

ChicBoss Collection

5 | Stock by Jewels: using Online Course Launch Templates

Not quite ready to launch an entire website? No problem! Take note from Julie, the founder of the online course Beautiful Business in a Box

Using Bluchic’s Online Course Launch Templates, Julie created an all-encompassing landing page to promote her 10-week course designed to help women launch and develop their business and start attracting their dream clients.

Online course launch template

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6 | Katie Harp Creative: using ChicBoss Sales Funnel Templates Kit

Katie with Katie Harp Creative is another awesome example of how you don’t need an entire website to get your audience to convert. With the ChicBoss Sales Funnel Templates Kit, Katie was able to launch a sales funnel to drive fellow entrepreneurs to her stock photo membership. All without sacrificing style or design to do it!

ChicBoss sales funnel templates

Final Thoughts 

You’re unique and so is your business! Using our WordPress themes and landing page templates doesn’t mean you have a one-size-fits-all website. With Bluchic, each of our themes and templates is entirely customizable, allowing you the opportunity to create a website that feels authentic and true to you. 

The best part? All of our products are easy to install and customize yourself. That way, you don’t have to shell out a ton of money (or time) to have a responsive and drool-worthy website!

Ready to bring your own website to life? Check out the Bluchic Shop for all of our feminine, female business-focused themes and templates.

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