Perfectionism can strike hardest while you’re designing the look and feel of your new website. Discover 3 Ways Perfectionism Is Killing Your Creativity!

Ask any female entrepreneur and they’ll tell you; the launch of a new business or creative idea often comes with its own dose of creative doubt.

And the perfectionism struggle?

Oh yes, it’s very real!

What’s worse, is that perfectionism can strike hardest while you’re designing the look and feel of your new website.

It can cause you to play the comparison game which in turn, kills your own creativity.

3 Ways Perfectionism Is Killing Your Creativity

1 | Perfect < Done

Entrepreneurs function in a world of constant connection and creatives, specifically, are often striving for those “Pinterest perfect” designs, copy, and web functionality.

The web design process may have you feeling frantic; racing to catch up to what you think is a “perfect” web presence and it’s easy to convince yourself that things aren’t quite right just yet. But Done is always better than perfect.

Building a site for your business idea is not an overnight process. The end product is as much a journey as it is a destination and waiting for things to be perfect will only hold you back and have you feeling frustrated with the process. There is always time to review and make changes to your site, so just start.

Give yourself timelines to work on the areas that need attention and perhaps consider outsourcing to an expert if it’s not something you have time to tackle on your own. It will take time so try to immerse yourself in the creative process and not just in the “perfect” outcome.

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2 | Your “Perfect” is not the only “Perfect”

Creativity is such a personal process and it may be a quick and clear one for you but often it’s a long process. Especially if you’re using a pre-made theme that’s really easy to customize, you may find yourself absorbed in a never-ending cycle of customization changes and “it’s got to be perfect” thinking.

The solution? Getting feedback on your design, from trusted sources, as you go. Try not to wait to have a final product ready, only to then have another set of eyes take a look and point out the possible flaws.

You’re always your harshest critic so try to remember that there are many different versions of perfect.

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3 | Comparison is a creative thief

Have you searched through hundreds of themes that are just not quite a right fit for you and your brand? Only to then realize that you’ve kind of lost sight of your style because you’ve been comparing it to so many other ideas?

Perfectionism can really steal the joy out of the design process. Deciding on a brand guide and making a theme choice early on in your web design process can help channel your individual creativity and will enhance your brand authenticity and theme aesthetic.

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Final thoughts

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back. Just take the first step and start.

Wondering where the best place to do that is? Or what your next step should be?

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