Quarterly Marketing Checklist | Don’t wait until the end of the year to see how your marketing works. Here’s a quarterly marketing checklist to evaluate your progress every 3 months.

We’re taking a moment as we wrap up Q1 to review our progress before we start Q2, and we encourage you to do the same for your business.

It’s important to reflect on your business and review things on a quarterly basis, not just yearly!

By checking in every quarter, you are able to make the tweaks and adjustments needed to hit your goals, rather than waiting until the end of the year to realize you’ve missed something.

It’s easy to keep plugging along forward without taking time to reflect on what is working or isn’t, but we really suggest that you take a breather and use some of these tips!

We’re sharing our quarterly marketing review so you can evaluate your 2022 marketing plan success. Let’s get started!

Q1 Marketing Check-in: How to Review Your Progress

1 | Assess Your Site Metrics

When you begin your review, start with assessing your site’s metrics. Take a look at the traffic on your site, looking at which pages had the most and least amount of views.

It’s important to evaluate:

  • Number of visitors and where they come from
  • Bounce rate of various pages
  • Conversion rates from sales pages
  • CTA clicks and your click-through rates
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Time spent on pages

Where do you find all this info? You can assess your site’s metrics by using Google Analytics or your website dashboard. Understanding the number of visitors on your site is the best place to start when assessing your marketing efforts, as it can be the benchmark to see how your site is growing over time, quarter to quarter. 

Determining how customers get to your site is next. Tracking organic traffic will give you insight into how effective your SEO efforts are. Once you’ve got eyes on your website, you want to keep them there and avoid visitors leaving your page too quickly, or bouncing away. More time spent on your site will result in higher conversion rates and sales, increasing your bottom line. 

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2 | Evaluate Your Social Metrics

Every quarter, take the time to analyze your social network data. Take note of which posts had the most and least engagement and how you can improve. Most platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have a built-in metric system that they use, but you could also try using AgoraPulse, or other similar tools. 

Evaluate these metrics:

  • Your follower increase
  • Engagement on popular posts
  • Reach of various pieces of content, including videos
  • Likes, comments and shares of posts
  • Sales funnel success

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3 | Review Your Content

Look over your content and figure out which blogs, landing pages, or podcast episodes were most visited which emails had the highest rate of clicks, and which posts were most liked, commented on, and shared. 

Each post and piece of content you publish needs to have a purpose, whether it is to build trust with your audience or promote your offers. It is helpful to review which types of content gave the results you were hoping for!

You can also consider the type of content or the medium in which you shared it. Were videos most popular? Did people really enjoy your short podcast episodes? There is a lot of data to consider when it comes to how people interact with your content!

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4 | Go Over Your Offers

An easy way to review your marketing success is to take a look at your offers. How many inquiries did you get? How many customers booked or purchased your offers? Which offers had the least amount of purchases?

It’s critical to organize your offers on your website in a way that is simple and easy to navigate for your customers. It can be helpful to take a look at which offers had the most and least amount of purchases and then compare that with how those specific offers are displayed on your website. Consider showcasing your favorite offers front and center, or focus on which offers bring you the most revenue and display those first. 

5 | Recap Your Marketing Efforts

Last, but not least, recap your marketing efforts. Look over everything you did from a marketing perspective the last 3 months to see which things brought traction and which did not. It’s okay to admit when something didn’t work! That gives you valuable insight into how you can pivot in the next quarter. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you have any guest appearances on Instagram or host a guest?
  • Were you on any podcasts? 
  • Did you have any partnerships or joint ventures?
  • Which social media campaigns brought new customers?
  • Did you utilize any paid advertising?
  • Which sales funnels brought visitors to your site?
  • Does your data from your social media analytics align with who your target audience is?
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6 | Pivot for Q2

Now that you have all of the data and information from Q1, what will you change about your marketing plan for Q2? How can you pivot to hit goals that you may have missed?

Perhaps you need to revamp your editorial calendar now that you know which pieces content brought the most traction and engagement. Or maybe your focus needs to shift to creating better lead magnets that drive more traffic (and eyes!) to your website.

After reviewing your Google Analytics or website dashboard, you may need to revisit your SEO strategies to get your website listed higher in organic search.

If you haven’t already created an affiliate program, Q2 could be the perfect time to do so, if you want to expand your revenue streams.

Rather than trying to change your entire marketing plan, pick one or two marketing strategies to adjust and change for Q2. Then, as you wrap up Q2, use this same guide to review and check in on how your business is doing and how your adjustments impacted your overall bottom line.  

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Final Thoughts 

Looking for more support with your marketing strategy this year? Our marketing guides contain all the advice you need!

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