Business Bundles: Are They Right For You? | Thinking about participating in a business bundle? We discuss what they are, who they are for, & how they could benefit your business.

Have you seen those “business bundles” floating around recently? Maybe you’ve even purchased one (or four, we won’t judge!). These business bundles usually include a ton of courses from creators all over the internet, specifically chosen to help you grow your business in one way. 

As you grow your offers, maybe to include templates or courses, you may be wondering if you should add your products to these bundles. If you’ve been approached by a bundle creator, you might also be wondering if that specific bundle is right for your business goals. 

Don’t worry — Bluchic is here to help! We are going to break down exactly what a business bundle is, hash out their potential benefits for your business, and discuss who these bundles are the best fit for. Let’s dive in!

Business Bundles: Are They Right For You?

1 | Why Type of Business Bundles are Available?

Business bundles are typically a collaboration between a large group of entrepreneurs, where they compile their top resources, courses, products, etc. into one all-inclusive bundle. The customer pays a low cost (like $99) and gets access to all of the resources. 

If you were to participate, it means that you would give access to your course, digital product, or something similar as a part of a larger bundle. Your offer would be showcased with other offers from businesses that sell products complementary to yours. Generally, these bundles focus on one element of growing a business, i.e. “The Passive Income Bundle,” “The Systems and Operations Bundle,” or “The 6-Figure Business Bundle.” 

Generally, businesses that participate in these bundles do get a commission for promoting the bundle and attracting sales through their “affiliate link.” It’s much like affiliate marketing! Your customer could purchase this bundle, with your product included, for a discounted price, and you would receive a commission for promoting the larger bundle.

But there’s another benefit to putting your course or offer inside the bundle: When someone chooses to unlock your offer using their special bundle code, they’re added to your email list! (They are not added to your email list just for buying the bundle.)

Business bundles can also be smaller scale; you can work with complementary entrepreneurs or brands to combine your offers for one low cost to your audience. This is like a joint venture, but with a pool of your offers.

Here’s a real life example for you. One of our business friends approached us about offering free training for our subscribers, which then led to a promotion of her marketing membership. We bundled the offer with a special Bluchic product they would receive if they purchased through our affiliate link. 

Our customers were drawn to purchase this bundle because it’s an offer they can’t get anywhere else, for a low price point. Of course, we would only bundle our products with another product that makes sense for our unique audience.

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2 | Bundles Drive Passive Sales

Now you may be thinking to yourself, why would I want to be a part of a bundle like this? Do I really want to discount my products that much for a bundled offer?

First and foremost, being a part of collaborative bundles like this is a great way to drive passive sales. By diversifying your income, you will create more stability within your business overall, compared to relying solely on the sale of your individual products or resources.

When someone buys the bundle using your affiliate link, you get paid a commission from that sale, but as other people promote the bundle, more of your ideal audience will see your products and business, building your brand awareness at the same time. 

Plus, you are able to bring your audience a ton of value through the business bundle, which will increase their trust in you! And we know people buy from those they know, like, and trust

3 | Build Your Email List

Collaborating to put your products in a business bundle is a genius way to build your email list. Strategic email marketing is one of the best ways to leverage your time and create more passive income in your business, too.

When you offer your course, template, product, etc. for free in the bundle, you get paid commission but more importantly, you will get brand new email subscribers. Did you know that your email subscribers are most likely to become your product buyers? 

When someone subscribes to your email from the bundle, you are then able to nurture those people, and hopefully sell them on a new offer from your site later on! Compared to your social media followers on various platforms, you own your email list and have complete control of it. 

You don’t own your social media followers and you can’t control the algorithms and constant changes in their marketing strategies! Those who opt in to your email list are saying YES to hearing from you and inviting you into their inbox. Take advantage of it!

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4 | Reach New Audiences

Including your product or resource in a business bundle helps you market your business and products to audiences that you never could have reached on your own. Similar to joint ventures when you partner with other entrepreneurs, you are sharing your expertise and solutions with their audiences, too.

It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap as a small business owner, but we think it’s a much better and more productive use of your time to collaborate rather than compare! The other business owners adding their products or resources to the business bundle have different followers and email subscribers than you do. Rather than viewing them as your competitors, think of the opportunity to expose your business to brand new eyes. 

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5 | Who Business Bundles Are For

Business bundles sound like a pretty great option for you at this point, right? But who can benefit the most from collaborating with a business bundle?

They are the perfect fit for any business or brand hoping to drive more passive income through digital products or courses. If you are someone with high-ticket 1:1 services and no DIY offer, it may not be the best bang for your buck unless the bundle you are looking at is very closely related to your niche.

Another note: Think about your audience. If your audience tends to need a lot of different support (not just support in your area of expertise), then a business bundle could be really helpful for them. But if they tend to only need help in 1-2 areas, a business bundle might be overkill. However, it’s still an awesome way to get in front of new people who fit the first type. It just depends on who you want on your email list!

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, it’s crucial to think about creating ways to diversify your income streams – increasing your revenue but also establishing more stability in the longevity of your business. 

Business bundles may be a great fit for your business as they help drive more passive sales, grow your email list, and expose your business to those you may never have reached on your own. 

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