4 Reasons to Consider an Evergreen Launch | What’s the right launch strategy for your brand? Learn the top reasons to consider trying an evergreen launch.

When you hear about “launching” an offer, you probably think of a limited-time event with a scheduled runway and promotional period with a hard end date. This is a live launch, and while it often works really well to build excitement for high conversion rates, it can be a lot of work.

What if you don’t want to put in all that work multiple times a year to launch a product that could just always exist in your shop? What if you could just launch your offer and then have an automated process that drives conversions with minimum input from you?

That’s called an evergreen launch, and it can be a very effective strategy for some brands and offers. So let’s look at the basics of an evergreen launch and some of the potential reasons you may want to consider one for your brand.

What Is an Evergreen Launch?

Just like the name implies, an evergreen launch isn’t limited to a particular season or a limited window of time. It’s evergreen — and always there for your customers to purchase.

Imagine that you develop a webinar that’s perfect for your audience. You then have two options:

1. Live launch: You decide to present the webinar to a live audience at a particular date and time. Participants only have a limited time to register for the live presentation, and once the live webinar happens, it’s not available anymore.

2. Evergreen launch: You record the webinar and make it available “on demand” to anyone who purchases it. Because customers can watch the presentation whenever they buy it, you don’t need to close the “registration” window. The webinar simply exists in your online shop for people to purchase and watch whenever they want.

An evergreen launch doesn’t usually have the same level of hype as a live launch — people aren’t afraid of missing an event, so they might not buy right away. But an evergreen launch is also a lot less work, and you can sell the offer forever!

Of course, an evergreen launch isn’t right for every brand or offer. But it can provide some significant benefits that might make it a good choice for you. Here are some of the top reasons to consider trying out an evergreen launch.

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Reason #1: Earn Passive Income

One of the biggest potential benefits of an evergreen launch is that it allows you to create a passive income stream. Once you create the product/develop the course/record the webinar, you can simply put it in your shop for customers to purchase anytime.

The key to ensuring that your offer makes consistent income is to develop an effective sales funnel for it. And you can also nudge clients toward your evergreen offers through your content marketing and website design.

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Reason #2: Save Time

Another reason many business owners choose to develop an evergreen offer is because it doesn’t require the time and effort of a live launch. 

This is especially true for live events that you personally host (like a course or webinar). If you choose to host a live event, you need to spend time on the launch and then show up for the event itself. It can be a significant commitment that isn’t always feasible.

But with an evergreen offer, there’s a smaller time commitment. Once you’ve created the offer/deliverables and run the initial launch, you can just set up your evergreen funnel. 

That way, future customers can purchase the recording of the event whenever they want. If you have a well-designed funnel, shop, and delivery system, the whole process happens in the background without active management.

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Reason #3: Adjust and Grow Easily

Once you launch your evergreen offer, you can monitor sales and feedback to see how your customers are liking it. You can make adjustments and address concerns to make the offer even more attractive to potential customers.

With a live launch, you don’t have as much of a chance to make adjustments or tailor your offer to your audience. Of course, you can always request feedback and plan to do things differently next time.

But with an evergreen launch, you can make those adjustments right away, which ensures that your offer gets closer and closer to what your audience wants. In other words, this strategy supports continuous growth as more customers purchase the offer and provide feedback to make it even better and more attractive to new customers.

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Reason #4: Build Your Email List

Finally, an evergreen launch naturally requires an evergreen sales funnel. And that’s an excellent list-building tool. 

When prospective customers enter your funnel, you can add them to your email list. So even if they don’t purchase right away, you can start to nurture them through your email marketing strategy. 

You can continue to promote the evergreen offer and also highlight your other products and services. Even if the customer never buys the initial offer that got them into the funnel, they might end up purchasing one of your other offers.

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Final Thoughts

An evergreen launch can save you time and money while allowing you to continually make money on a single offer. While it’s probably not going to be as profitable initially as a live launch, an evergreen strategy offers passive income and the chance to build your email list. 

Consider trying an evergreen launch as an alternative to a limited-time promotion or live launch. And if you’re not sure exactly how to design a comprehensive evergreen launch strategy, head on over to Beautiful Biz Lounge for this month’s marketing guide. It covers this launch strategy and compares it to a live launch strategy, so you can choose the best one for your biz.

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