5 Steps to Creating and Launching Digital Products That People Actually Want to Buy | Wondering how to create and launch digital products that people actually want? Check out this blog post to learn the 5 steps to creating products people are dying to buy!

Have a huge goal for 2020? — like creating and launching digital products? Sister (and mister), you came to the right place!

Anyone… we repeat… anyone can launch a digital product. There are so many whitespace opportunities in the market, and unlike what you may think, not everything under the sun has been created already.

But despite these opportunities for more content, the quickest road to success is that you are creating products that people want to buy.

You could have an amazing product or idea, but if no one wants to buy it (besides your mother or best friend), your online business will only go so far.

So we’re taking some of the guesswork out of taking that leap and creating great products that your audience also wants.


5 Steps to Creating and Launching Digital Products That People Actually Want to Buy 


Step 1: Do Your research

Now, you may be thinking that creating and launching a digital product starts with exactly that. But without validating your product with your intended audience first, you’re making a giant mistake.

That’s because many business owners assume what they think (or want) is going to sell. In reality, you may be totally off base or you may need to make some big tweaks before launching to make sure your digital products are something people are going to want to buy.

Start with doing your research. Talk to as many potential customers as you can, especially if it’s face-to-face or over the phone. If time is of the essence, reach out via email or social media direct messages.

From here, you want to find out what your audience struggles with.

What hasn’t worked in the past and why? 

What problem do they wish someone would solve for them? 

What’s the desired end goal?

By really listening, you’ll be able to find patterns in their problems and help tailor a solution to that. 

Think about it this way: The best digital products solve a problem. Make sure yours is part of that solution.  

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Step 2: Tap Into Your Strengths

After hearing about what your target customer wants, and doesn’t want, the product creating phase can begin. But you want to make sure that what you create plays into what you already know.

If your niche is freelance graphic designers, for example, and your target customers say they have trouble with the accounting side of the business, now’s not the time to launch a course dedicated to math or taxation.

But if you’re a former graphic designer and your target customers say they need help gaining clients, launching a course about getting more business would be the perfect fit.

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Step 3: Create New Digital Content

Creating and launching digital products starts with solving a problem. But there are so many types of content you can use to help your customers solve that problem. Check out some of our favorite mediums to get people the products you sell digitally:

  • Online courses
  • Email courses
  • PDF checklist
  • Audio training
  • PDF workbook
  • eBook
  • Templates
  • Printable content like calendars
  • Photography or other artwork
  • Tutorials
  • Membership to your site
  • Software
  • Apps

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Step 4: Market Your Content

No matter what type of digital product you’re creating, launching and then marketing your product in the right way is crucial.

Chances are, your product will be housed on your website (and if so, you’ve gotta read the next step). But there’s so much you can do beyond that to market what you’ve created, bring in new customers, and expand your product offerings to existing customers.

Think about marketing your digital product in new ways. If you have a blog, create a new post about your new offerings to explain more and up your SEO (that’s search engine optimization). From there, you can market your blog post via your social media channels.

You can also create dedicated posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. announcing the launch of your new digital product and then link them to the purchase page on your website.

Another fun idea? Make a YouTube video or appear on a complementary podcast to tout your new content. House these links on your website and make dedicated social media posts showing your appearances.

The most important thing to remember? Get out there! If no one knows about your new product, no one can purchase it.


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Step 5: Update Your Website

When you think about creating and launching a new digital product, think about where you’ll be leading people — to your website! That’s why you want to make sure yours is as professional looking and optimized as it can be.

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Final Thoughts

Launching and creating digital products that people actually want to buy doesn’t have to be stressful or take years. With our list of tips, you’ll be strengthening your product offerings, and your business, in no time.