If you want to have a successful launch and get your current customers excited about your newest product, this article is for you. Click to discover how to launch a new online shop product to existing customers!

Launching a new product to existing customers may seem like an easy task.

But there’s more to it than a simple notification alerting your customers you have a new product.

If you want to have a successful launch and get your current customers excited about your newest product, it will take some work and effort.

But the payout will be worth it in the end.

Discover how to launch a new online shop product to existing customers below.

How To Launch A New Online Shop Product To Existing Customers

1 | Create a launch plan

Your first task before launching a new online shop product to existing customers is to create a launch plan for your new product. There are three questions you should consider while creating your launch plan.

1. What information are you going to release about your product pre-launch and when in the timeline will you release it? Will you write a blog post about it, tell your email subscribers first, share it on social media? Writing these things out will help you begin creating a launch plan for your product.

2. Who do you wanting to talk about your product? Many times your existing customers are exactly who you want talking about your new product because they already know you and your business (and obviously already like your products!). Brainstorm existing customers you could reach out to and have them start testing and using your new product.

3. How can you turn this launch into something worth sharing and talking about? You want to get people excited about your new product. Excited enough that they naturally share the product with their friends and connections without you having to ask. What are some unique ways you can get the word out and drum up anticipation for your product launch?

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2 | Build an interested community

Not all of your existing customers will want to buy your new product but there will definitely be a select group of people that will be interested.

Start promoting your new to-be-released product early by sending emails to your current list and asking them to sign up for more information. You will want a dedicated landing page with an email sign up for this, so you know which of your customers are specifically interested in this new product.

This dedicated landing page is also a great place to mention on your social media platforms and your blog posts leading up to the launch. Other people who aren’t current customers may want to be in the know about your new product launch, and this is a great way to keep track of an interested community.

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3 | Notify your top customers first

Depending on the type of online product you are promoting, it may make sense for you to notify your top customers first. If you already sell a range of products, where customers could potentially buy many items from your shop, your top customers are the ones who have purchased many of these items.

These customers are your biggest fans because they obviously love the products that you sell. Give them an incentive such as a discount to purchase your product first, so they will start talking about your new product to their connections. This is a great way to create a buzz about your products without you having to do much marketing.

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4 | Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your new online shop product to your email subscribers. You may be thinking, “but if I’m already emailing them, won’t they get annoyed with seeing my product also in their newsfeed?”

No way! Many people on your email list probably won’t see your email (that’s not ideal but it’s the truth). By sending your email subscribers an email and directing Facebook ads to their newsfeed, you have a higher probability of them taking action on learning more about your product.

Even if people did read your email about your product, they could have been distracted or simply forgot to sign up. Seeing it on Facebook gives them the reminder of your product and they are more likely to sign up to learn more.

Plus, Facebook ads are cheaper to use if you are promoting to your current email list versus a brand new audience, so it’s a win-win!

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Final Thoughts

Launching a new online shop product to your existing customers doesn’t have to hours and hours of your time planning, but a little forethought goes a long way.

Try out these tips the next time you launch a new online shop product and let us know how it goes by tagging us on Instagram!

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