5 Ways To Customize a Bluchic WordPress Theme | Wondering how you can customize your Bluchic theme to match your business and brand? Here are the 5 ways to personalize your Bluchic theme!

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, then you already know that having your own website is the only way to go.

Here at Bluchic, we are in the business of helping yours succeed with an entire line of WordPress themes. But if there’s one myth we wish we could dispel, it’s the idea that you can’t customize the theme you choose.

Bluchic themes are flexible enough for the WordPress wonder woman and simple enough for the “non-techy” newbies to help build a website that brings their vision to life.

Whether you’re considering ChicShop, our theme specifically for female product-based entrepreneurs, or ChicServe, which is built for female service-based businesses, we’re able to give you complete flexibility — and customization! — when it comes to your website.

In today’s post, we’re going to show you exactly how, because no two businesses are the same.

5 Ways to Customize a Bluchic WordPress Theme

1 | With the Homepage

One thing that both the ChicShop and ChicServe themes have in common is that they both use the Elementor WordPress plugin. With this tool, you get total control of your website’s look and feel without having a background in coding.

ChicServe home page editing with Elementor

Elementor is extremely intuitive, and it allows you to easily drag and drop images, text boxes, headlines, and more onto your website — and that starts with your homepage.

The homepage is the calling card of your website, and it’s the first thing people see when they type in your URL.

Whether you choose ChicShop or ChicServe, you can decide whether you want images before copy, copy before images, copy in images … it’s all up to you.

You also have the ability to customize the header and footer with different colors, fonts and navigational functions. You can also add whichever social media icons you want and play with the font and color of your copy.

ChicServe header editing with Elementor

With ChicShop, we included the social media icons especially on the footers so visitors can focus more on your products. And the header is designed to emphasize images of your products so customers get a feel for your products right away.

Both these also have a Header Notice Bar where you can promote an announcement with a built-in header bar (so no announcements go unnoticed).

ChicServe Elementor WordPress Theme for Service-based entrepreneurs

2 | With the About Page

The About page is so important to include on your website because it’s where new customers will go to learn more about you. Click over each page below to see our options for ChicShop and ChicServe for yourself.

About page design of ChicServe WordPress Theme for Service-Based Entrepreneurs
About page layout of ChicShop WooCommerce WordPress Theme for Online Shop

As you can see, the style is completely up to you. With either section, you can rearrange every part of your theme’s layout and colors with no coding or CSS knowledge necessary.

Another feature is that whether you’re a solo business owner or part of a team, you can highlight that here with multiple photos and text boxes available to you.

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3 | With the Service Page

With ChicServe, you can rest assured that the design of your website was built exactly for your service-based business model. And that is certainly true in the services pages.

Choose between two completely different services pages that you can completely customize depending on your business goals.

Service page design of WordPress Theme for Service-Based Entrepreneurs
Service page design of ChicServe WordPress Theme for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

From there you can customize everything you see, from font and color to layout and images. And what’s really great is that this (and the rest of your website) was designed to be responsive so it will fit every screen (like a desktop, tablet, and smartphone) no matter where your customers find you.

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4 | With the FAQ Page

The FAQ page is one of the most frequented pages from new customers on your site. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all the random questions your customers may be asking.

ChicShop editing FAQ page

And the great thing is that with ChicShop and ChicServe, you can decide how it looks and functions. From the card style to layout, font, and colors, it’s never been easier to make this page how you want it.

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5 | With the Shop Page

No two e-commerce shops are the same, and with our ChicShop theme, yours can be completely customized, too.

ChicShop shop page with content sidebar layout
Shop with content sidebar layout
ChicShop shop page with full width layout
Shop with full width layout
ChicShop shop page with sidebar content layout
Shop with sidebar content layout

With the WordPress WooCommerce plugin, you have the ability to show your shop layout that works best for you. Whether that’s full width with no sidebar, a left sidebar, or a right sidebar.

You can also decide how many rows and columns of products listing work best for you, how big your items are, and how many pages customers should scroll through.

Within each product page, you are also able to enable a zoom capability along with descriptions and reviews so customers fully understand what they are purchasing. And you can show a cart icon on the menu or a floating cart icon on the top right.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking a WordPress theme, you aren’t sacrificing customization for design. With our line of ChicShop and ChicServe themes, you can get both!

But the best thing about our customization tools is that they are still easy and seamless to use. So no worries about needing to know code or have a design background. With our ChicShop and ChicServe themes, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

ChicShop WooCommerce WordPress Theme for Online Shop
ChicShop WordPress Theme
ChicServe WordPress Theme for Service-Based Entrepreneurs
ChicServe WordPress Theme