3 Reasons Why You Should Use Bluchic | Are you wondering what website platform you should choose between a Bluchic theme, Divi, or Showit? Check out this blog post to find out why Bluchic is best!

Here at Bluchic, we’re all about helping business owners create awesome websites with our line of WordPress themes.

From ChicShop, our theme specifically for female product-based entrepreneurs, to ChicServe, built for female service-based businesses, our goal is to give you flexibility with an automatically responsive design your customers will love.

In addition to looking amazing, these two themes have another thing in common. They both use the Elementor WordPress plugin.

You may already know all about Elementor from our blog post on the best WordPress plugins for your business, and this one is one of our favorites. But in today’s post, we’re going to expand on that so you’ll know why a Bluchic WordPress theme is the best option for you.

3 Reasons why you Should Use Bluchic 

A Perfect Match

When it comes to offering you complete customization, the Elementor WordPress plugin is our secret weapon. With this tool, you get total control of your website’s look and feel without having a background in coding.

As much as we love WordPress on its own, you’ve never been able to easily drag and drop images, text boxes or headlines into your webpage. Elementor allows you to do exactly that, which makes the whole experience very user-friendly.

This also makes it perfect for beginners because it’s so easy to use. Because our ChicServe and ChicShop themes already have the Elementor WordPress plugin built into them, you’ll be able to create a website that looks exactly like our demo site in just a few hours!

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We’re Better Than Divi

Elementor isn’t the only drag-and-drop tool you can use for your website. One of the biggest competitors is called Divi.

Although Divi is cheaper, it has a harder learning curve which makes it more difficult for newbies to learn. Elementor is much easier to get the hang of plus it’s more intuitive to use.

One big difference between the two is the interface. With Elementor, you can do a live preview of your design while editing in addition to showing a fixed sidebar to add new elements to your page or access other functionalities of the site.

You can also edit the text directly on the page by clicking and typing in the box. The text editor and the stylized page automatically sync up so you don’t have to worry about copying and pasting information.

With Divi, the interface includes floating buttons that open different popups to edit your content. In general, it’s tougher to look at and navigate. 

Elementor also has a cool feature called global widgets. This allows you to have the same widget in multiple areas on your site, and you’re able to update all of them at once. In addition, Elementor has more widgets and theme building functionality.

Divi does have global modules so you can add a single widget on multiple pages where you can update all of them at once. It also lets you edit on the back-end.

Another thing about Divi is that when it’s deactivated, it will show the Divi shortcode code, unlike Elementor. 

This means that if you ever stop using Divi for any reason and remove it from your site, it will look like a bunch of confusing code on your website which is not what we want!

In general, both are good options, but Elementor wins. The user experience is much better which will make everything you do (editing, adding content, moving modules, etc.) that much easier. 

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… and Showit

Showit is another website builder that allows you to drag and drop. It’s a standalone website builder which means it isn’t housed on another website platform (like Elementor is with WordPress).

Showit was created specifically for creative professionals and photographers. 

This can make it somewhat limiting for other business owners. It’s very similar to the Adobe Suite, which photographers should love. But for those who aren’t familiar with Adobe products, this can mean a steeper learning curve.

When it comes to features and tools, the Elementor WordPress plugin offers greater flexibility and customization because you have access to the entire WordPress ecosystem of plugins.

Not all WordPress plugins work with Showit, which can make designing a challenge if you know the exact plugin you need through WordPress but it’s not compatible.

Elementor also leads the pack when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). In general, there are more tools available to help optimize a WordPress website, while allowing you to have greater control because you have access to their server.

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Final Thoughts

Picking a platform for your website is a big decision. From functionality and tools to user experience and customization, the Elementor WordPress plugin wins the battle every time.

When you say yes to our ChicServe and ChicShop WordPress themes, you automatically get this amazing drag-and-drop page builder with it. So you can feel confident that you have the best tools at your fingertips for your website.

ChicServe Elementor WordPress Theme for Service-based entrepreneurs