How to Drive More Online Shop Sales | Want our best secrets to drive more sales for your online shop? Sell individual products and bundles — and follow our other tips!

Getting an email notification that another order has gone through is the best feeling for an online shop owner.

When site visitors become actual customers, you know you are doing something right!

However, making sure that you drive more traffic and more sales for your online shop can feel like a guessing game.

Is there a trick or insight to get potential customers to hit that “Buy” button? We think so, and it’s selling individual products and bundles!

Our #1 Trick to Drive More Sales for Your Online Shop

1 | Offer Individual Products and Bundles

The #1 trick to drive more sales for your digital or physical product shop is to offer both individual items and bundles. Whether you have digital or physical products, offering a product alone is a great way to get people to buy at a lower cost.

While you may have complementary products that make it easy for people to solve their biggest issues, sometimes they want to fix one problem at a time. Other people may want to test the waters before buying something more expensive. 

Having individual products people can purchase will allow them to do so and keep them coming back for more! Chances are, if they love the one product they purchase, they will come back — and may even upgrade to a bundle.

The key is to diversify your products so that people can easily find what they need quickly.

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2 | Show Them You Understand Their Challenges

Once you’ve started offering individual and bundled products, you also want to show that you’ve created each offer with their challenges in mind. Focus on the fact that you’ve created a “bite-sized” solution to their problems, or that they can try out one of your physical products before investing a whole set to see how it can help them.

With your bundles, let them know that you’ve created a variety of resources for each of their needs. It’s a “one-stop shop” to help them with their challenges.

For example, here at Bluchic, we offer website WordPress themes and landing page templates. We know that a website theme is not the only thing you need to launch your site! You also need additional pages that are unique to your site, like a podcast page or a sales page. We offer these WordPress page templates individually, but we also offer all-in-one bundles that give you what you need (website theme, add-on pages, sales funnels, etc.).

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3 | Been There, Done That 

Your potential customers want to know that your products, whether it’s an individual one or a bundle, can help them where they are right now. Highlight that you’ve helped others or have even dealt with these issues yourself — and you’ve solved them with the specific products you offer.

You really have to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and think about how they are feeling about their current pain points. Be sure you address the features and benefits of your individual products OR bundles!

Customers want to know not only how much it costs, but how it will help them. This is also where testimonials and reviews are so critical, so make sure to ask customers to leave reviews (or automate this with your shop platform!).

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4 | Think About Design

The design of your single product pages or bundle sales pages is so important if you want to convert visitors into customers. A well-designed page can make it easy to highlight how well the product can address their challenges, as well as show them why it’s a good choice.

The best advice we have is to use sections to break up the text. You don’t want to have a wall of copy talking to people about the benefits or features of your products — you want to show them! Use a good mix of white space, copy, and images.

We also recommend that you create pages or collections for each type of product (individual or bundled). Your customer will be able to easily view what products come in a bundle, which individual items you have for sale, and compare between them. This makes their decision process a whole lot easier and faster, which then makes it easier for them to buy.

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Final Thoughts 

Our #1 trick to drive more sales for your product-based business is to offer both individual items and bundles. Giving potential customers the option to buy products individually or to bundle them allows for flexibility and gives you more items to sell in your shop.

Of course, we also shared three other tips to really highlight your individual or bundled products. You’ll want to make sure that you’re hitting on their pain points, showing them you know how to help them, and designing pages that convert. 

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