No Time to Market Your Business? Think Again. | Finding time to market your business can be tough. Check out these 6 tips to help you work smarter and not harder to market your business.

We know how much time you spend creating, designing, and perfecting your products or services. That’s why you started your business, right!? 

That’s how you love to spend your time — and it’s the same for us over here at Bluchic. 

However, you’ve got to promote and market your products if you want to be seen and continue to grow your bottom line.

Of course, with all the work you’re already doing inside your business, finding the time to market your business can feel like a tall order. 

We don’t want you to miss out on more clients or customers, though, so we’ve decided to share 6 tips to help you find time to market your business’s services or products. 

The best part? These tips require minimal time investment so hopefully, you can work smarter, not harder. 

No Time to Market Your Business? Think Again.

1 | Find your people

Where are your potential clients and audience hanging out? Are they on Facebook? Instagram? Do they love podcasts? Really figure out where your audience is and go there when you want to start marketing your business. 

If your audience loves Instagram, for example, focus your time and energy there. Maybe your customers love watching videos on TikTok. Invest your time in learning how to create videos your people want to watch (yes, some trial and error is probably needed). 

While you may need to learn a new tool, the good news is that you don’t need to be on every single platform under the sun.

Pro Tip: Use Google Analytics to analyze which platforms are bringing you the largest return on investment and focus your energy and time there. You can check this by simply visiting your “Acquisition” tab on your Analytics dashboard.

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2 | Find the right mic

Think about the places you really enjoy communicating with people. Do you love to chat in your Instagram DMs? Spend your time connecting with people on Instagram and take the convos to private messages. 

Do you love communicating 1:1? Look into in-person or virtual networking events. Especially after a year of quarantine, people are looking for ways to connect again in person! 

If you love talking 1:1 but don’t have anyone in your area, take your marketing to Zoom! This is a great exercise to think through, because so many of us are actually following marketing tactics that don’t work the way we do. 

If you’re easily exhausted by groups, don’t enter a group networking event! If you prefer to not put your face on camera, a private DM or email might work great.

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3 | Diversify your platforms

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can love Instagram and all that it has to offer, but you should still have other ways to connect with your ideal clients or customers. This is especially true of a website (which we consider non-negotiable if you want to grow your business!).

Think about 2-3 places you can show up consistently and that you don’t dread using. Maybe that’s on Facebook and your website. Or maybe you really love your email marketing strategy and also sharing your email thoughts on your blog (yup, you can repurpose your content!). 

We definitely encourage you to find one platform that involves video media, though, as that type of media gets shared 3x more than written or digital images.

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4 | Repurpose content

Schedule in content creation that you can easily repurpose — our editorial calendar is perfect for choosing a single topic and finding ways to share it across multiple platforms… without coming up with something entirely new! Use your blog post to create a new Instagram post. Send an email to your email list about your newest launch on your website! There are so many ways to use the same content in multiple ways.

Pro Tip: Take a look at your Google Analytics to see which posts, Pins, or emails are most clicked on by your readers and audience. Use that info as a guideline for how to repurpose your content on multiple platforms!

5 | Templates are still cool

Use templates! They may seem boring or “cookie-cutter” in some instances, but they don’t have to be! Professionally created templates are so helpful if you want more consistency in your brand and business. Whether it’s a website template to update your old (or non-existent site), Canva templates for social media, or even onboarding PDF templates for clients, use them! This can help you market yourself and show up as your best self without working 24/7.

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6 | Avoid burnout

Schedule in time to take off. Taking time off can actually refill your bucket and make sure you have energy to focus on the things that you want to accomplish. Did you know that taking a break will not only improve your mood, but it will greatly increase your productivity? Seems backwards, right? We know this sounds counterintuitive, but it really helps. 

When you come back, you will feel refreshed and ready to rock — and you may even have some new ideas on how to market yourself, too! Plus, when you choose marketing tactics that work and know where you actually want to focus, you won’t come back to a huge to-do list.

Final Thoughts 

Figuring out how to market your business may be the one thing on your to-do list that you keep putting off. Hopefully, by implementing these 6 tips, you can market your services or products with minimal time and much less overwhelm.

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