How We Prepare for Black Friday | Black Friday is a huge revenue day for businesses. Here’s a look at how Bluchic prepares for Black Friday (and how you can, too)!

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Last year in 2020, Black Friday sales surged a whopping 22%. That’s $9 BILLION consumers spent in one day alone!

While that’s great for shoppers, it can make things a little stressful for business owners who are hosting Black Friday sales.

Maybe you count on this day to hit your revenue goals for the year. Maybe you need these sales to keep your business afloat. Whatever Black Friday is to you: It’s important!

So, if you’ve been searching for ways to prep your biz for the big day, you’re in luck! We’re sharing how our team at Bluchic prepares for Black Friday and how you can have your best year yet, too!

How We Prepare for Black Friday at Bluchic

1 | Start + strategize early 

At Bluchic, we feel like it’s never too soon to start prepping for Black Friday. That’s why we start planning in September. During this time, we hash out the details of our sale, like the products we’ll promote and what percentage off customers will get. 

We also start to form our promotional strategy, including the channels we’ll use, the messaging, and the timing.

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2 | Create promotional materials

In mid-to-late September, we get to work creating all of our Black Friday promotional assets, including:

  • Customer emails
  • Instagram graphics
  • Facebook graphics
  • Pinterest graphics
  • Twitter graphics

We also start working on affiliate awareness by developing emails and swipe copy they’ll receive in early November. That way, they’re prepared to start promoting our Black Friday sale, too! 

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3 | Schedule social media posts + emails

Once we finalize all of the promotional graphics, we’ll craft all of our social media posts and schedule them ahead of time. We recommend this for any content plan, but this is especially helpful for Black Friday, so nothing slips through the cracks during our regularly scheduled content.

All those customer emails we created? We also schedule an email sequence ahead of time. This helps prevent any last-minute scrambling to send out promotional emails. It also ensures that our Black Friday emails don’t overlap with our other emails and monthly newsletters!

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4 | Get our website sale-ready

Finally, the week of Black Friday, we’ll make sure our website is ready for the big sale. That includes doing things like:

  • Drafting the exit intent pop-up
  • Creating our announcement banner
  • Prepping our sales pages
  • Making price adjustments
  • Testing our site speed
  • Install + test our chatbox
  • And anything else needed to launch the sale quickly and seamlessly

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5 | Launch + provide customer support

Now it’s time for the big day! Once our Black Friday sale is live, we closely monitor the site to ensure everything is running smoothly. We’re also standing by our chatbox and inbox to answer any of your questions ASAP!

Final Thoughts 

Black Friday is a big day for business owners, and it can sneak up on us really fast. So the best strategy you can have for your customers (and yourself!) is to prepare ahead of time and set yourself up to have your most successful Black Friday sale yet!

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