Driving traffic to your online shop can take time, but if you use these tips you will have a head start. Click to find out more!

Your online shop is designed and ready to go on your WordPress site, you’ve started growing your email list, and now you’re ready to drive traffic to your online shop and start selling your products.

But, as a small business, that may be no easy task.

Especially if you’re just starting out, it can seem like a gigantic task to get just a few hundred people to your website, let alone thousands.

As a business that runs our own online shop, we’ve tried everything under the sun to drive traffic to our shop.

Below are our best tips on driving more traffic to your online shop.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Shop

1 | Ask Friends and family

If you are just starting out, a great place to start promoting your online shop is to family and friends. These people will want to support you in anything that you do and would be happy to share your online shop with their family and friends.

Pre-write a template of text they can share on their social media accounts and/or via email. An example would be this:

“If you are looking for feminine desk accessories, check out my friend Mia’s new online shop she recently launched!”

Making it easy for your friends and family to share will influence them more to share (and will answer the question of “what do I say about your shop?”)

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2 | Use Instagram

Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your online shop. To quickly start getting people from Instagram to head over to your shop, one thing you can do is to work with Instagram influencers.

Instagram influencers are people who already have a large following on Instagram. These individuals already have trusted fans, whom you can connect with if you work with the influencer.

Take time exploring Instagram pages that are related to your business and that your potential audience already follows. You can do this by using the explore section on Instagram and search hashtags and keywords for your industry.

You want to make sure you are building the right influencer list for your business, so don’t just pick super popular accounts.

Once you’ve identified 10-15 influencers, follow them and reach out to them directly (most convenient would probably be by email or through their website).

To promote your business, many influencers will charge a fee, so be aware that you may be spending some money.

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3 | Reach out to Bloggers

Similar to reaching out to Instagram influencers, reaching out to influential bloggers is another way to drive more traffic to your online shop.

Just as you did with Instagram, search for popular bloggers within your niche or who would have followers that may be interested in the products your online shop offers.

Make sure you actually read their blog and get a feel for what type of content they share as well as what their audience might be interested in. You don’t want to connect with someone who isn’t in line with your values.

A simple search on Google can give you a good start on finding relevant blogs.

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4 | Find the right YouTubers

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the entire world? YouTubers (those who regularly post content on YouTube) can majorly influence their subscribers, and if your online shop is featured, your website could be flooded with new customers.

Similar to partnering with Instagram influencers and bloggers, you want to make sure you are finding the right YouTubers to help you promote your online shop. Make sure they share content related to your brand and business and that your online shop would be useful for their audience.

While there are YouTubers out there that have millions upon millions of followers, consider reaching out to smaller influencers who have a highly engaged audience.

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5 | Use Pinterest

Pinterest can be a game-changer for your business if you are strategic in how you use it. First, clean up your boards and make sure they are all consistent with your brand and business. If you run an online shop that has nothing to do with food or recipes, you may want to consider making those boards hidden on your account (because I know that you have some recipe boards :))

Then, start to pin more regularly. Doing this manually can take up a lot of your time, so we recommend using a program such as Tailwind to help automate some of the pinnings.

Once you are pinning more regularly, you can start to join group boards. Use PinGroupie to find relevant group boards that you can pin to (and don’t forget to pin your website content…because you want to drive traffic back to your site!) and in no time you will start seeing more traffic from Pinterest.

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Final Thoughts

Driving traffic to your online shop can take time, but if you use these tips you will have a head start. We suggest implementing one tip at a time and see what strategy works best for your business.

Once you’ve become an established shop, you can start trying more in-depth tactics such as using Google AdWords, social media advertising, content strategy, and more. Best of luck!

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