Discover how to use these four ways to infuse your brand personality into your website and you’ll be on track to growing a genuine and authentic business.

Infusing your brand personality into your website can be a complex undertaking.

Having visions of what you want your brand to portray is one thing, but having it translated onto your website is a whole other beast.

First, let’s define what brand personality means.

Your brand personality is what makes your business relatable to a customer or client.

Having a brand personality is important for businesses because it can help increase your brand awareness, popularity, and recognition online.

Your brand personality can include a lot of different aspects, but some of them include design of your website, color schemes, how you write & the tone used, uniqueness, value proposition, and the type of relationship you build with your customers/clients.

Discover how to use these four ways to infuse your brand personality into your website.

4 Ways To Infuse Your Brand Personality Into Your Website

1 | Write like you talk

It’s a general rule that you should write like you talk in person. Yes, it can be vulnerable and tricky because you also want to sound professional, but people can relate much more to your business if you write in an authentic way, weaving in your quirks and uniqueness.

Writing similar to how you speak can be difficult because it may seem unprofessional and uncomfortable. Try sharing your next piece of content with a friend and see what their reaction is to your piece. They will be able to tell if it honestly sounds like you and can give feedback on how to make it sound more natural.

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2 | Cohesive graphics & design

A major way you can infuse your brand personality into your website is through your design and graphics. We live in a visual age, where people are drawn to pleasing design and appealing graphics so to really make your brand memorable you will need great design and graphics.

You want your followers to be able to recognize your brand even if they don’t see your name attached to it. Having cohesive graphics and design will help build brand recognition which will result in a higher percentage of returning visitors to your website.

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3 | A compelling about page

We’ve discussed how your about page is one the most important pages on your website, if not the most important.

Your about page should focus on how you help the reader with your products or services. It also should include information about you and the story of how your business got started.

Infusing those little bits and pieces of your brand personality on your about page will further demonstrate how you help your clients and customers and what they can expect from working with you or buying your products.

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4 | Share personal stories

Personal stories are what make us unique and different from everyone else. No one has the same story as you, and there’s no better way to authentically connect with others than sharing personal stories.

These don’t have to reveal your deepest and darkest secrets, but giving a glimpse of an experience you had out in the world and how it relates to your business can help you relate on a more personal level with your clients and customers.

For instance, say you had a positive experience with a business out in the real world. You could share that experience with your followers and give insight as to why you had such a positive experience.

On the flip side, if you had a negative experience, you could share why it was negative and what you learned from it. Adding these stories to your blog posts, social media updates, and website pages will help build your brand in a trustworthy way that will make you memorable to your readers.

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Final Thoughts

Your website is your biggest asset for your business and should be your best showcase of who you are as a brand and business. Use these tips to infuse more of your brand personality into your website and you’ll be on track to growing a genuine and authentic business.

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