How To Easily Create A Viral Blog Post Graphic | Ever wonder how some blog posts go viral? Your blog post graphics are a key piece to a blog post going viral. Find out how you can easily create a viral blog post graphic!

Do you ever wonder how certain blog posts go viral?

A blog post going viral can happen for a number of reasons:

  • It’s surprising or shocking content
  • It makes you feel rebellious
  • It makes readers want to support what you’re writing about
  • It uniquely problem solves

But one critical piece is the graphics that accompany the blog post.

Blog post graphics are a crucial piece to your brand’s messaging and a key piece to a blog post going viral.

Most people are visual human beings. We’re attracted to images before we even start to think about reading a caption or clicking to learn more.

That’s why it’s imperative that your blog posts have stunningly beautiful graphics.

If you’re ready to create a viral blog post graphic, keep reading (and make sure your website can handle all of the new traffic 😉)

How To Easily Create A Viral Blog Post Graphic

Step 1: Know the correct sizing

The first step to create a viral blog post graphic is knowing the correct sizing. This is a must-follow step. No other steps matter if you don’t follow this one!

You may be wondering why it’s so important to know the correct sizing for your blog post graphics.

Here’s your answer: we’re all scrolling on the internet on different devices. Some of us are scrolling on our iPhones, others are using a tablet, and a large portion of us are scrolling on a desktop.

And we haven’t even mentioned the different sizes on every social platform!

Your blog post graphics need to look good on all of these devices and platforms. More and more people are scrolling on their phones than ever before, so blog post graphics must look great on both mobile and desktops.

Because sizing for graphics can change often (especially on social media platforms) we recommend checking out this always up-to-date guide from Sprout Social to keep up on the latest news.

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Step 2: Implement your branding on the graphic

If you want a blog post graphic to go viral, you need it to incorporate your business’ branding. We want people to recognize your brand across all of the social media platforms so they can identify your brand everywhere they go!

This means your blog post graphic should include:

  • Your logo
  • Your brand colors
  • Branded imagery

Your logo and brand colors may be obvious choices, but you may be wondering what we mean by branded imagery.

Branded imagery is photos (whether you take them yourself or they’re stock photos) are photos that compliment your brand.

For example, photos that compliment our brand include:

  • Bright office desk and accessory photos with hints of pink, gold, and black
  • Pink floral photos
  • Young women dressed in white, light pastel colors

Each of these examples reflects our brand because our audience is attracted to those graphics. They can picture themselves being the young, female entrepreneur that is in the graphic.

This entices and appeals to our target audience, which makes them want to click to learn more and share with their friends.

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Step 3: Include the topic of your blog post on the graphic

When you’re creating your blog post graphic, you’re really creating it to be optimized for Pinterest (p.s. you can follow us on Pinterest here!).

People use Pinterest as a search engine. You want your graphics to stand out while people are scrolling through their feeds. If there aren’t words on your graphic to entice people to click to want to learn more, they’ll keep scrolling past your graphic. We don’t want that now, do we?!

Here are a few ways to grab attention with the words on your blog post graphics:

  • Use your blog post title on the graphic: this is a no brainer, but if your headline is attention grabbing you should use it on your graphic.
  • Ask a thought provoking question: a question can encourage people to think and want to click on your graphic to learn more.
  • Put people on edge: get them thinking about something they maybe haven’t considered before.
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Step 4: Create several varieties of graphics

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say, and the same goes for blog post graphics! To create a viral blog post graphic, you need to design a variation of graphics to promote your blog post.

Things you’ll want to remember:

  • Have consistency across all images and your website: Don’t create graphics that don’t fit with your branding. Make sure all have the same color pallette and follow your brand guidelines.
  • Change out only one element on each of your graphics: You don’t want to recreate the wheel when you’re creating new graphics. Keep the same format but change out the background photo (or vice versa!).
  • Consider using stock photography: We love using stock photos on our graphics. All of the beautiful imagery without all of the work! We love PixiStock, Styled Stock Society, and Haute Stock.
  • Use quality photos: Whatever photos you choose to use on your graphics they should all be quality photos. This means not blurry, clean, and crisp.

If you struggle with creating beautifully designed social media graphics, check out our easy-to-use Canva Social Media Templates!

Step 5: Test your images

To truly create a viral blog post graphic, you have to test all of your images to see which ones do best.

We can all make assumptions as to which ones will do the best, but the best way to find out what actually works is to put them to the test.

Use different graphics to promote one blog post and see how well it does across your social media platforms (primarily Pinterest).

Use this test on multiple blog posts to see which graphic remains supreme — and then make sure to use that template for the rest of your blog post graphics!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it only takes five simple steps to create a viral blog post graphic. Easy peasy, right?!

Use this process to create all of your future blog post graphics and you’ll be on your way to viral!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our Canva Social Media Templates if you struggle with creating social media graphics for your blog post. Super easy to use and you’ll have branded social media graphics within minutes!

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