3 Steps to Launching Your Dream Website | Think you’re ready to build your dream website? Make sure you do these 3 steps first!

Your website is your business’s best asset. But what happens when the website you have isn’t really bringing you joy… or ROI? 

One thing we’ve noticed that a lot of people get wrong about websites is their purpose. Yes, they’re meant to house information. But they’re meant to drive sales most of all. 

With quite a few custom web design projects and countless templates under our belt, we’ve seen so many entrepreneurs struggling when it comes to figuring out what their dream website is and how it looks. And handing you a list of template previews and telling you to pick one isn’t really helpful. 

So if you’ve found yourself saying: “I’m ready for my dream website!” But don’t quite know what that is yet… sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for all your dreams to come true! 

3 Steps to Launching Your Dream Website

1 | Don’t Start With the Website

Yep, you read that right. Your website doesn’t actually start with your website. It starts with your customer. 

You want to create a website designed around the optimal customer experience that they want to have. Not necessarily the one you want them to have (though this often ends up being very close to the same thing). 

Start with pretending you’re in your ideal customer’s shoes, looking for the place to purchase the product or service that you provide. What are some things that would make you say “heck yes!” to purchasing from you? And what are some things that would make you say no? 

Now dig a little deeper. What kind of experience would you like to have? What would make you feel completely seen and taken care of? Maybe it’s a simple checkout process with one or two options to cut through the overwhelm. Or maybe it’s something that can be customized to the nth degree, leaving you feeling like you got a 100% unique experience. 

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2 | Choose Your Brand Colors Carefully 

This is a step that many people skip over when it comes time to design and build their dream website. Our best advice is to always work with a brand designer, so you can have a set of branding tools, colors, and materials that completely match not only your vision but your customer’s vision as well. 

Sometimes it’s easy for us as business owners to get super caught up in the nitty-gritty details of our business, making it hard to see the forest through the trees. We’ve seen this often happen when someone purchases a website template from us. They don’t yet have a set of brand colors that truly represent them and blend together nicely, so they end up with a mish-mosh of a color palette that doesn’t jazz them OR their customers. 

Pair your colors up first. To get some simple and quick inspo, a quick Google or Pinterest search of [product + niche] will bring up other providers and businesses serving a similar customer base. Often, the color schemes for these businesses are similar in tone, giving you plenty of ideas! 

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3 | Craft A Clear Path To The Sale

And last but not least… it’s time to talk about getting the sale! This is the purpose of a website, after all, but it can be SO easy to get caught up in too many bells and whistles, overcomplicating things and overwhelming your customer so that they don’t even know how to buy. 

Your website home page is the first thing a new customer sees. So, in addition to making a good impression and telling them about you and your business, you should have a clear call-out above the fold. This means that the first opportunity for them to purchase comes up in the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the page or the space before they have to scroll down. 

Beyond that, if a customer doesn’t buy immediately and continues poking around, you want to give them as many opportunities as possible to purchase. Make it simple, with calls to action on every page. 

If you’re an e-commerce brand or have multiple services to offer, it’s always a great idea to have a dedicated “services” or “products” page. 

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Final Thoughts

Most importantly, building your dream website is about having a space on the internet that represents you and your brand authentically. A website is about connecting with your audience and customers — so be real, be you, and be awesome! 

Of course, we know that starting a website can feel daunting, scary, and more than a little bit intimidating. Especially when you’re just getting started online and have little (or zero) tech skills. That’s why our Launch Your Dream WordPress Website Course is here to help!

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