How to Elevate Your Service-Based Brand | Having a website and brand you are confident and proud of is key to your business growth. See ways to elevate your service-based brand.

As an online service-based business owner, your website is the foundation of your business. It is the very first impression you have on potential clients who are interested in your services — which means you want to make it count.

To do that, you need to think of your website as more than just some pages that show what you do. You need to think of it as an extension of your brand.

By definition, a brand is the visuals and emotions people (ideal clients) associate with your business. Even if you’re a freelancer or new to owning a service-based business, you can think of your brand as an extension of your work.

Your website and social media are the two places where your brand needs to be most present because that’s where people will find you.

If you’re not sure what your business’s brand is, or you want to attract a higher level of clients, it’s time to think about your service-based business brand and how you’re leveraging it online.

How to Elevate Your Service-Based Business Brand

1 | Branding Refresh

Consider updating your website with a new brand that attracts your ideal client. If you’re shifting away from clients who are looking for the cheapest price, consider using fonts, colors, and images that your ideal client would associate with a high-end and incredibly valuable service. Think serif fonts, neutral colors, clear block designs, and easy flow of your pages.

Responsive layout of ChicServe WordPress Theme for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Not sure how to design a site that has these elements? Our ChicServe WordPress theme is perfect for service-based entrepreneurs, plus it’s easy to customize and professionally designed. 

2 | Check Your Offers & Packages

Take a look at your offers and check in to see if they align with where you are at in your business. Do you need to consider increasing your prices? Do you need to shift how your offers are portrayed on your website so you book more of your favorite kind of work? 

It might be scary or nerve-racking to make these shifts but focus on the value of what you are offering and find new ways to sell your services. You can even consider offering tiered packages, with the lowest price point being a basic package and increasing from there. 

Think about what services you offer that bring in the most revenue. Consider putting that offer on the first page your customers land on when they are checking out your website! Your customers are telling you what they want, and you want to make sure that other people can find those services easily, too.

Don’t forget to showcase the offers or packages that are in line with where you want to serve people now. As your business grows, you might outgrow old offers — and that’s OK! Consider making your best offers (the ones you love providing) what your customers see first! They will gravitate toward what is front and center on your site. 

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3 | Consistency is Key

Visual consistency in your branding is essential if you want to create a name for your business and stand out from your competition. Your website is one place where visual consistency is important — you don’t want to have a ton of different colors and fonts scattered across your site.

But what about the other places you show up online? Creating visual consistency across all your online platforms is so important. That’s why we create website themes and matching social media templates to make this easy!

For example, our social media templates can help service providers like yourself keep your website and social media branding cohesive (and eye-catching!). You want your customers to see seamlessly styled content that is visually consistent and will help them recognize your brand as they scroll on their feeds. That means similar:

  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Color palettes
  • And more!
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4 | Brand Photos

While you are updating your website and branding, don’t forget about your branding photos. You can book a professional photographer or have an at-home shoot yourself!

Just make sure you’re using brand colors, that you’re including a variety of shots (headshots, full-body shots, desk or working shots, etc.), and that you showcase your brand’s personality!

With Canva, you can make some quick updates to the photos you shoot, or to existing photos on your website, to bring them “up to brand standards” instantly! Take out the backgrounds, add your new logo, and add any filters or presets that fit your brand’s look and feel! 

Not sure you can afford a brand photoshoot right now? Not talented with a camera? That’s OK! Consider utilizing a stock photo membership. Our friends at Styled Stock Society offer thousands of stock images that you can download and upload to your site instantly! They are perfectly designed and shot with female entrepreneurs like you in mind. 

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5 | Uplevel Your Content

To really drive the growth of your business, you need to start sharing higher-level content that aligns with your higher-level services. You want to have a purpose behind every piece of content you share. 

From connecting with your audience, showing off your personality, building trust, and of course, promoting your services, having a strategy to share content with your customers is key. 

Take some time to reflect on who your target audience is and what they ask you or need help with. What would they search for if they had a question? What do they email you to ask? Then, start creating content using those same phrases. Search engines like Google reward websites for putting out new content consistently by placing them higher in the search ranking. 

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