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Pinterest is one social media platform that we absolutely love. Of course, we love seeing beautiful, alluring images but one of the main reasons we love it is that it drives a lot of traffic to our website.

In fact, it’s our 2nd highest referral, right after Google! Pinterest has totally changed our business and our brand reach and it can explode your growth as well.

One key aspect of Pinterest that has helped us is having a dedicated Pinterest board for our blog posts.

In today’s post, we’ll cover exactly why it’s important to create a dedicated Pinterest board for your blog posts and how your business can benefit. Let’s get started!

Why It’s Important To Create A Dedicated Pinterest Board For Your Blog Posts

1 | One central location for all of your posts

Having one central location for all of your blog posts is beneficial for new and old followers alike because the will be able to browse all of you blog posts at one time and in one location.

Yes, having these followers go to your blog on your website is ideal, but browsing your dedicated Pinterest board is sometimes easier for users to browse all at once, especially if you have a lot of blog posts.

We think this board should be at least one of your top boards, if not the first board on your profile.

Why It’s Important To Create A Dedicated Pinterest Board For Your Blog Posts


2 | Saves time when connecting with Tailwind

If you aren’t already using a program to automate your Pinterest pins, you should definitely start. One program we like is Tailwind.

With Tailwind, you can schedule pins to go out to the group boards where you are a member. By having a Pinterest board dedicated to your blog posts, you can set up your blog board to send pins to all of your group boards over a period of time, instead of manually pinning to these boards.

This will help you spread out promoting your own content, so your the group board followers are inundated with a bunch of your pins at the same time. It also helps you save time pinning in general, so it’s a win-win!

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3 | Gives followers an idea of what type of content you share

If you’re using Pinterest to grow your traffic (which you should if you aren’t!), new followers will be coming to your profile every day.

These followers may not be familiar with your brand, so having one location where they can see what type of content you share on your website will give them an idea if your content is something they want to follow.

This will help narrow in on your exact target audience, since you will ideally be sharing content they will enjoy. Narrowing in on your target audience will create a higher conversion rate for your services or products, since you are creating content that you know they will enjoy, read, share, and hopefully purchase.

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4 | Shows that you continuously update your website

If you are creating a dedicated Pinterest board for blog posts, hopefully you are adding new blog posts to your website on a routine basis.

Continuously pinning your blog posts to your dedicated Pinterest board shows your followers that you are always adding fresh content to your website.

Adding fresh content to your website helps you rank higher in the search engines, but it also gives your followers assurance that you take your business seriously and that you always want to provide new content for them to read.

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One tip we have to offer

5 | Include dedicated blog post Pinterest board on the sidebar of your website

People often look to your sidebar as a place to find your social media buttons. While many businesses are now deciding to not have a sidebar (us included!) some do still have one.

What’s important to remember about your sidebar is to make sure it is being used purposefully.

One way to purposefully use your sidebar is to showcase your dedicated blog post Pinterest board.

This will encourage readers to follow you on Pinterest and pin your content to their account, meaning even more traffic to your website!

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Final Thoughts

Pinterest is not just a social platform for DIY and food bloggers. People use Pinterest as a search engine so you should always be thinking about how you can utilize PInterest to reach your target audience.

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