So you’re creating all of these amazing blog posts, but hear crickets. Learn the 6 reasons why nobody is sharing your blog posts (and what to do to fix it)

So you’re creating all of these amazing blog posts, you’re feeling good the content you’re putting out into the world, but yet….you hear crickets.

What could be going wrong?

You’re doing all of the right things!

You have great SEO, you’re sharing on all of the social media platforms, so what’s the deal?

In today’s post, we share the reasons why your blog posts may not be getting and shared and what you can do about it!

6 Reasons Why Nobody Is Sharing Your Blog Posts (And What To Do To Fix It)

1 | Your graphics aren’t eye catching

Bottom line, your social media graphics need to be eye-catching, otherwise, people aren’t going to pay attention or share your content. There are several mistakes you could be making, including using the wrong size of graphics, your graphics are downright boring, or you may not even be using graphics (the horror!).

To create really intriguing, share-worthy graphics, start by creating a template sized properly for each social media platform. Incorporate your brand colors and imagery and add text to your graphics describing the content in your blog post. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can start small and grow from there!

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2 | You aren’t sharing your posts enough

Did you know it takes on average at least 7 interactions with a new customer for them to even consider purchasing from you? It’s true!

The chances that every one of your followers on social media saw the promotion of your blog post is slim to none. People are busy and most people probably don’t follow you on every single social media platform.

Use automation programs to re-share older, evergreen content that’s still relevant now. Meet Edgar, Tailwind, and SmarterQueue are a few to get you started!

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3 | You aren’t sharing on the right platform for your business

While we recommend grabbing your business’ handles for each social media platform, that doesn’t mean you have to start using them all at once.

If your target audience primarily hangs out on Twitter, you should focus on sharing your content there before anywhere else.

We know we get the most traffic from organic search, referrals, Pinterest, and Facebook so we focus on those traffic pathways. We of course still share our content on Twitter and Instagram, but they are not our primary focus.

You have to do the research and know which platforms give you the most ROI so you don’t waste your precious time!

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4 | You don’t ask people to share

You never know until you ask…and often we as a society forget to ask!

If you want people to share your blog posts, you have to encourage them and ask if they’ll share! People need to be reminded to share.

Add social sharing buttons to your website and make sure to give people a call to action in your captions. If you’re just starting out, go the grassroots approach and personally ask your friends and family to share your content. They’d be happy to refer you!

5 | You aren’t writing what your audience wants to read

Most times, people either want to be inspired or to learn something when they’re reading a blog post. If your content doesn’t inspire or teach something, your audience most likely won’t want to share.

Dive into your Google Analytics and look at your top 10 viewed blogs posts are (you can do this by going to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.

If you’re just getting started, see what people in relevant Facebook groups are asking questions about or survey your audience and see what they want to learn about (you can even do this with a small audience!).

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6 | You aren’t sharing your unique perspective

People like connecting with the person behind the brand now more than ever so if you aren’t sharing your uniqueness within your blog posts, people won’t want to share.

Show off your personality, share your perspective, and don’t regurgitate what everyone else in your industry is doing. Stand out and you’ll reap the benefits tenfold.

Final Thoughts

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