Wondering if it’s really worth investing in website templates? Take a look at the gorgeous, customized websites in our latest customer showcase!

Here at Bluchic, we’re all about making things easier for online business owners. We understand how much work goes into running a business (we’re right there with you!) — and we also know how much easier all of that work is with the right tools.

That’s why we offer educational resources, plug-and-play templates, and curated collections of stock photos. All of our WordPress themes, marketing guides, and other resources are designed to help you save time and effort managing the “behind the scenes” aspects of your business, so you can focus on what matters most — serving your clients.

For most business owners, the first step in building their brand is creating a website. And that’s where templates come in — they make it so much easier and faster than developing a site from scratch. But we also know that some business owners are worried that using a template for their site will make it harder to build a recognizable brand and stand out in their industry.

So today, we’re going to showcase some of our clients’ websites so you can see just how unique each one of them is despite the fact that they’re all built using our WordPress themes. 

In this collection, we’re focusing on some of our clients in the education sector. We’re also highlighting Alexis of Laugh Eat Learn, who has customized our templates for each of the sites below. 

Take a look at the beautiful sites below to see how our clients have each put their own spin on our website templates for teachers.

Website Template #1: ChicShop WordPress Theme

First up, let’s take a look at our ChicShop template. This WooCommerce WordPress theme is designed to help product sellers stand out in their niche and attract enthusiastic clients. With a dedicated product page template and SEO-friendly design, this theme helps online businesses highlight their products and boost sales.

Take a look at how these educators have personalized ChicShop for their brands.

Marvel Math

Melissa of Marvel Math has added a bright and colorful spin to this theme’s neutral color palette. The front-and-center value proposition tells visitors exactly what kind of products they can find, and the bright Shop Now button encourages them to browse right away.

Marvel Math

The Bright Cookie

Another example of coordinated colors and other brand elements, The Bright Cookie site utilizes a simple pop-up feature to encourage visitors to sign up for the newsletter. We also love that the resources are categorized and linked right on the home page. It’s so easy to see what’s available and start shopping right away!

The Bright Cookie

Help Writers Grow

Featuring an adorable title logo and compelling images, Help Writers Grow is another completely different take on our ChicShop theme. Visitors can quickly understand what the brand offers and access the shop with a single click. 

Help Writers Grow

Every single one of these sites looks and feels completely different — and none of them are similar to the original template at all. That’s the power of personalization at work!

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Website Template #2: ChicMoxie WordPress Theme

Now, let’s take a look at a different WordPress theme: ChicMoxie. We designed this one with content creators in mind. With high-impact aesthetics and strategic navigation, this theme helps you highlight your content and engage visitors right away.

Kindergarten Korner

With bright colors and whimsical fonts, the Kindergarten Korner site captures your attention immediately. Three eye-catching buttons tell visitors exactly where to click to see the content they’re looking for, whether it’s the blog, free resources, or the shop itself. 

Kindergarten Korner

ChicMoxie is designed to project confidence, and this site is a perfect example! 

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Website Template #3: ChicBloom WordPress Theme

Up next is ChicBloom, our boldest WordPress theme! We created it to help creatives and solopreneurs shine! The template balances professionalism and playfulness to help service-based businesses stand out and connect with their ideal clients.

The Primary Gal

Simple but eye-catching, The Primary Gal website offers special education teachers expert resources and webinars. We love the sleek branding and effective use of the banner to highlight an available freebie

The Primary Gal

It’s always fun to see how each one of our clients makes a theme their own!

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Website Template #4: ChicRadiant WordPress Theme

Modern and stylish, the ChicRadiant theme is a versatile option for multi-faceted business owners. Whether you want to highlight your services, promote your products, or share your latest course, this theme can help you make it happen.

Vestal’s 21st Century Classroom

Although most of the sites we’ve shown so far have used static images, Vestal’s 21st Century Classroom grabs attention with a video! This well-placed background video loop draws visitors toward two main options: joining the membership or shopping for individual products.

Vestal’s 21st Century Classroom

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Website Template #5: ChicBoss WordPress Theme

Finally, let’s look at the ChicBoss theme, which we designed specifically for entrepreneurs who offer 1:1 services and digital products. This theme highlights the unique value you offer your clients and makes it easy for them to learn more about working with you or purchasing your products.

Educating Jacob

Another priceless resource for educators and parents of special needs children, Educating Jacob offers free advice via the blog and allows visitors to get on the waitlist for the upcoming course — all from the home page! It’s an efficient and effective setup that works extremely well.

Educating Jacob

The Template Teacher

This take on the ChicBoss theme highlights available products and helpful YouTube videos for teachers. The black-and-white color scheme is clear and easy to read and serves as the perfect backdrop for the main central image, which scrolls through different products available from The Template Teacher.

The Template Teacher

Both of these sites use the ChicBoss theme well to highlight the value they offer their clients.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it — eight different educator websites showcasing the beauty and versatility of our WordPress themes and templates. Each one of these sites looks unique and on-brand, and they’re all fast, functional, and SEO-friendly.

If you want to breathe new life into your website — whatever your niche is — we’ve got a website template for you. Browse our full selection of WordPress themes to find the one you like best. 

And remember, we also have matching templates for your sales funnel, add-on pages, and social media profiles. Every single one is affordable and easy to customize, so you can have a beautiful branded website in no time. Shop the Bluchic store now!

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