5 Site Updates to Make Before a Sale | Preparing to have an exciting sale? Here are 5 updates to make to your website before going live.

EVERYONE loves a good sale, but is your website ready for your next one?!

Promoting a new sale can be an exciting time for your business.

It can spark new excitement and interest in your products, boost site traffic, generate customer loyalty, and — of course — increase sales!

But before you open the gates to your next sale, you need to make sure your website is ready to take on a wave of excited customers — to ensure smooth sailing for you AND your customers!

That’s why we’re sharing five updates to make to your site ahead of your next sale.

5 Updates to Make to Your Site Before a Sale

1 | Announcement Banner

One of the best ways to make sure no one misses out on your sale? An announcement banner at the top of your website! That way, news of your sale is on every page of your site, so customers know what’s going on no matter which page they land on.

If your site uses one of Bluchic’s WordPress themes, it already has a built-in announcement banner that’s super easy to update and set live whenever you want. Don’t forget to include a clickable link to your shop to drive customers to your sale!

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2 | Exit Intent

If you’ve ever been on the brink of closing a website, only to get a perfectly timed pop-up asking you to stay — that’s no coincidence. It’s called an exit intent, and it’s designed to get website visitors to take some sort of action on your site before they leave — even if it’s not a purchase. You can set up your exit intent to pop up when users:

  • Move their cursor off the page
  • Become idle
  • Reach a certain scroll depth
  • Are a repeat visitor who’s exited your site before

As far as what’s included in your exit intent, you can get creative with your offer! Some incentives could be:

  • A reminder that your sale won’t last long
  • An extra discount to sweeten the deal
  • An exclusive freebie or download
  • Any other type of special offer

The goal with any exit intent is to secure an email so you can get them to finish their purchase or cultivate new customers through your email marketing strategy — even after your sale has ended!

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3 | Lower Prices 

Sometimes customers need to physically see how much they’re saving instead of doing the math in their head. One way to do that? Show the sale price right next to the original one! That way, visitors can instantly see how much they’ll save and be more motivated to add it to their cart. 

If that’s not your style, no worries! Just simply double-check that when customers add sales products to their cart, the discount is automatically applied. If you’re doing a promo code instead, make sure you add that to your list of accepted coupons and test it out before going live.

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4 | Sale stickers

Another update to consider? Sales stickers! By adding a cute, subtle ‘SALE!’ sticker to your discounted products, you can quickly snag customers’ attention without a lot of effort. Don’t forget to make the sticker clickable! (Psst! This is also a feature included in all of our Bluchic WordPress themes!)

5 | Elements of Urgency

If customers think they can take their time with your sale, it’s that much harder to get them to convert. But if they know the sale won’t last long, they’ll be that much more motivated to pull the trigger. Create urgency by adding elements like:

  • A countdown clock (on your homepage, product pages, or in your announcement banner)
  • A temporary announcement on your homepage in the HERO space
  • Messaging that teases the sale will end soon (but without a specific date, so customers don’t risk leaving your site and missing out!)

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Final Thoughts 

Having sales can be a fun way to generate excitement for your business and sell a lot of products. And making sure your website is prepared and set up for success will make the process that much easier for you and your customers.

Once your website is updated, don’t forget to spread the word about your sale through emails, social media, word-of-mouth, and more!

Want a website that’s designed to help grow your biz — sale or no sale? All of Bluchic’s WordPress themes are crafted to help you do just that. With thoughtful designs that are responsive, easy-to-manage, and gorgeous, you can worry less and hustle more knowing you have an amazing website in your arsenal.

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