6 Ways to Organize Your Offers on Your Website | Does your business offer multiple services or products? Check out 6 ways to organize offers on your website to attract more sales and clients.

You’re ready to help people, and you know that not everyone needs the same package or product.

That’s why you offer multiple things to potential customers, whether that’s services, products, digital products, tiered coaching, etc. 

With all those offers, though, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to organize it all on one website!

Should you showcase your coaching or should you showcase your VIP graphic design days? Your design course or your retainers?

You want your customers to clearly see what you offer without losing them while they try to figure it out. That’s why it is critical to organize your website with a few things in mind.

(Pssst… It also helps to start with a great WordPress theme that already has organization and user-friendly design in mind!) 

6 Ways to Organize Your Offers On Your Website 

1 | Showcase What You Love First

What services or products do you love providing? Is there one that stands out to you most when you reflect on your business offers? Consider making that offer what your customers see first! 

Your customers will naturally gravitate toward what is front and center, what they do not have to go “digging” for. If you love your coaching program, put that front and center! Maybe your ebook is what you poured your heart and soul into — showcase that on your home page! Your customers want to know what you are most passionate about. 

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2 | Focus on What Makes You Money

Think about what product or service you offer that brings in the most revenue. Consider putting that offer on the first page your customers land on when they are checking out your website.

Why? If you have a product that tends to be your best seller, your customers are telling you what they want — and more people will want it, too. That offer needs to be one of the first things your customers see, along with social proof (testimonials and reviews) that showcase the results you’ve gotten for others.

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3 | FAQ Pages

Do you find that your customers ask the same handful of questions prior to purchasing your products or services? It will save you so much time (and so many headaches!) to create a FAQ page with the most commonly asked questions.

Your customers will appreciate the clarity that a FAQ page provides, and may even be able to decide amongst your offers without involving you more.

Having a FAQ page also helps to differentiate your products or services from other businesses that may offer similar products or services. This is the place to share what makes you different from others, and where you can share the transformation or outcome they can only get with your offers. 

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4 | Use Comparison Charts

It can be super helpful for customers to have comparison charts to look at and understand the differences between your various offers, especially if you’re offering tiered coaching packages or have different versions of a product! 

Here is a great example of how you can give your customers a visual of your various products and what they each include!

Product comparison

Another type of comparison chart would be to compare your offer to other competitors in your industry. Showcase what your offers include compared to others so they can choose the best option (yours)!

Product comparison

5 | Page Structure

Clear page structure, with a logical flow between your Home page, services, or product pages, and their individual subpages is critical for customer experience. Your customers need to be able to navigate through your various offers.

You can do this yourself, but if you’re crunched for time, a WordPress theme for your particular business can help you organize your site quickly and without stress!

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6 | User-Friendly Copy

Want someone to know you have an offer for them? Tell them! Use copy and design that points them in the right direction. Ask questions about their pain points (“Are you looking for meal plans that help you eat better without costing a fortune or taking a ton of your time?” and provide solutions (“Check out our meal delivery plans here”).

This will help your customer easily navigate through your website and make the purchases that bring them the most value! A confused and distracted customer is a lost customer. Make it seamless for them to quickly find what they are looking for and make the purchase!

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Final Thoughts 

We believe that having a website free of clutter and distractions is a huge key to your success as a business owner. When customers land on your site and their eyes glaze with overwhelm, you’re losing potential them!

Clearly organizing and displaying your various offers helps your customers find what they are looking for with ease, and makes it easier for you to make the sale!

It helps to choose a WordPress theme that’s already organized for maximum conversion — which all of ours are!

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