How to Capture Lost Sales With a Cart Abandonment Sequence | Watching visitors leave your site without buying? Find out how to build an effective cart abandonment sequence so you can recapture conversions.

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing visitors check out your offers, add something to their cart, and then leave? What stopped them from clicking that Purchase button? 

We’ve been there and we understand just how disheartening cart abandonment can be. But it’s important to know that it’s not something that just affects your business. It’s a common problem — the average cart abandonment rate is almost 70%!

And fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. You can analyze your checkout process to figure out what’s causing people to leave before buying. And then you can create a cart abandon sequence to re-engage those potential customers and get them to buy!

How to Capture Lost Sales With a Cart Abandonment Sequence

1 | Capture Email Addresses ASAP

Email is your most powerful tool for recapturing potential buyers. So it’s critical to get their emails as soon as possible.

Set up your checkout process to get potential customers’ email addresses at the beginning of the cart sequence. You want to make sure you’ve got that data before they close out of your shop.

If your checkout form doesn’t have the email line at the top, it’s time to do some reorganizing! Give yourself every opportunity to get that address before they leave your site.

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2 | Create an Email Sequence

Now that you’ve got email addresses for cart abandoners, it’s time to use them! This is where your carefully crafted email sequence comes in.

The idea is to create automatic reminder emails that get sent to customers who put items in their carts and then leave before buying. 

These emails shouldn’t be wordy or come across as needy. Keep things short and sweet — “Hey, you left these items in your cart! Click here to check out now!”

Make sure the link in the email takes them right back to their saved cart — you don’t want to make them start the shopping process all over again.

These emails should be automated and set to be sent sometime within 24 hours of the cart abandonment. 

Don’t be too quick, though. You don’t want to annoy a potential customer by sending a reminder email when they just stepped away to get a cup of coffee!

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3 | Offer an Incentive

It’s not always enough to just remind potential customers of your offer. Sometimes they need a little nudge.

That’s where an incentive comes in. We’re talking something like a discount code, free shipping, or a bonus product. 

Whichever incentive you choose, make sure to add it to your cart abandonment emails.

You can also create cart abandonment popups. These should automatically trigger when it looks like a customer is going to leave the page without checking out.

A popup is another great place to include your incentive offer! 

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4 | Highlight Your Offer

An extra incentive won’t work for every customer. Sometimes it’s not the price that’s the issue, it’s that they’re on the fence about whether they want your offer at all.

Make your emails or popups more convincing by sharing a testimonial. It doesn’t have to be long — just a few quick lines, “See what these happy customers say about this product!”

You can combine a testimonial with an incentive, but you can also use either one independently.

Think about your target audience and determine the best way to reach them.

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5 | Use Ad Retargeting

Another option to re-engage those potential customers is ad retargeting. 

With an ad retargeting campaign, visitors who went to your site but didn’t purchase anything will see ads featuring products or services they viewed. 

(How do retargeting ads work? They use those website cookies that visitors are always asked about when they visit a website for the first time.)

The technical details aren’t super important here. The point is that ad retargeting is another method you have for reminding potential customers about your offers and encouraging them to go through with a purchase.

6 | Consider the Timing

Finally, make sure you’ve got all the timing right on your retargeting ads and emails, especially if you’re running a sale or a limited-time offer. 

You want to give potential customers those nudges to buy before your launch or sale ends.

It’s not a good look to send them a cart reminder email after prices have gone up or your offer has closed. 

So make sure all your processes and automations are designed to re-engage customers before your promotion ends.

Final Thoughts 

Cart abandonment is frustrating, but there are several ways to reach out to potential customers and encourage them to complete their purchases. 

Pop-ups, emails, retargeting ads, and incentives can all be very effective in getting a cart abandoner to buy your offer.

Make sure your copy is short and simple with the right tone. You’re helping them get something you know is valuable — you’re not begging for a sale. 

And remember, the key to everything is making sure you get those email addresses (and cookies) as soon as possible in the checkout process!

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