• How We Prepare for Black Friday at Bluchic

    Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Last year in 2020, Black Friday sales surged a whopping 22%. That’s $9 BILLION consumers spent in one day alone! While that’s great for shoppers, it can make things a little stressful for business owners who are hosting Black Friday sales. Maybe you […]

  • How to Update Your Website Without Getting Stuck

    Entrepreneurs just like you function in a world of constant connection, and creatives are often striving for those “Pinterest-perfect” designs, copy, and web functionality.  If you are anything like us here at Bluchic, wanting your site to be perfect can really hold you back!  We want you to know, though: Perfectionism kills your creativity and […]

  • Our Top Tips to Create Hype for Your Website Launch

    How to Create Hype for a Website Launch | Do you want to look forward to the launch day for your new website rather than dread it? Here are our tips to create hype for your launch.

    What if the launch day of your new website was something you actually looked forward to rather than a day that you dreaded? It’s no small feat to launch a website — we know! There are so many logistical aspects of building a website itself, but you can’t forget about promoting your new launch and […]

  • Our BOLDEST WordPress Theme Yet

    Introducing our BOLDEST WordPress theme yet: ChicBloom! Learn all about our newest theme designed with creative business owners in mind!

    As a creative small business owner, you need a website that matches your bold personality. A website that doesn’t have a cookie-cutter template that looks like everyone else’s. A website that truly helps you stand out in a crowd. But is just as functional and professional as it is fun. Allow us to introduce you […]

  • 7 Ways to Show More Personality With Your Website

    7 Ways to Show More Personality With Your Website | Creating a website to reflect your personality can be overwhelming. Discover 7 tips to help you show more personality with your website.

    Creating a website that reflects your personality can be difficult and confusing, especially if this is your first website. There are so many aspects to consider — from your tone of voice to the design itself, color schemes, various pages, and more.  On one hand, you want to convey a professional tone and appearance, but […]