• 12 Essentials After Installing WordPress on Your Website

    12 Essentials After Installing WordPress on a Website | Wondering what comes next after you’ve set up a WordPress site? Check out these 12 essential steps after installing WordPress. #wordpresswebsite #websitestrategy

    You have installed WordPress on your website or have chosen WordPress to start building your site.  Congrats!  You are taking the biggest step: creating your website.  Now what, though?  After the initial WordPress setup, there are 12 essential steps to take.  12 Essentials After Installing WordPress on Your Website 1 | Change your admin name […]

  • How Coaching & Consulting Sites Differ From Service-Based Sites

    How Coaching Websites Differ from Service Sites | Coaching and consulting websites are different than serviced-based ones. Learn how, and get tips to set your coaching website up for success.

    When you’re running coaching or consulting business (or getting ready to launch one), your website needs to be a crucial part of it. But you can’t just launch any type of website; you need to make sure it is written, styled, and designed to speak directly to your ideal customer.  What does all of that […]

  • 5 Elements to Help Your Coaching Website Book Clients

    5 Elements to Help Your Coaching Website Book Clients | Is your coaching website set up for success? Here are 5 elements of a strong coaching site that books clients

    Coaching and consulting sites are different from service-based ones, and they should be treated as such. Why? Potential clients are investing in a person (you!) — not a service or product. As a result, boosting sales on your website isn’t as simple as adding something to a cart and anticipating a special delivery. Instead, your […]

  • Six Things to Spruce Up on Your Site 6 Months into the Year

    Here are six things to spruce up on your website now, so you can continue to grow your biz and reach your goals by the end of the year

    As hard as it is to believe, we’re almost to the HALFWAY point of 2021. Are you just as blown away by that as we are?! Just as important as quarterly website check-ins are, it’s important you carve out some time for the halfway point. Why? To ensure you’re on track to hit the goals […]

  • Get Your Site Sale-Ready: 5 Updates to Prepare Now

    5 Site Updates to Make Before a Sale | Preparing to have an exciting sale? Here are 5 updates to make to your website before going live.

    EVERYONE loves a good sale, but is your website ready for your next one?! Promoting a new sale can be an exciting time for your business. It can spark new excitement and interest in your products, boost site traffic, generate customer loyalty, and — of course — increase sales! But before you open the gates […]