We share the five question you need to ask yourself to know whether or not you need to hire a web designer to customize your WordPress theme

Have you ever wanted to customize your Bluchic WordPress theme (or any other WordPress theme) but have no idea how to start?

We hear you. We know not everyone is tech-savvy and trying to customize your own theme when you have no clue what you’re doing can quickly lead to disaster.

For instance, do you know what any of the following terms mean?

  • PHP function
  • Filter hooks or action hooks
  • Modular CSS

If you’re going cross-eyed at the sight of those words, you probably don’t want to start tinkering in the back end of your theme.

In today’s post, we share the five questions you need to ask yourself to know whether or not you need to hire a professional to customize your WordPress theme.

How To Know When To Hire A Professional To Customize Your WordPress Theme

1 | Do I know how to properly edit my WordPress theme?

Making a few small changes here and there can be an innocent task, but once you start overhauling the CSS code on the backend of your WordPress theme you need to know what you’re doing.

You can ruin a website fast if you don’t know what you’re doing which will then lead to a dozen or so headaches and no website to show for it.

If you can’t properly edit your WordPress theme, you’ll definitely want to outsource this task to a professional.

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2 | Do I have time to customize my WordPress theme?

Let’s say that you do have a little knowledge of customizing WordPress themes.

Is it a good use of your time to do it yourself, or would you rather spend that time elsewhere?

If you have to watch hours of YouTube videos just to figure out how to change a font, it’s probably not worth your effort to customize your WordPress theme on your own.

Think of what you could do with all of the time you’d spend researching how to properly modify your theme. You could spend hours doing something that earns money for your business.

Much better use of time if you ask me!

If you’re low on time, we’d recommend hiring a professional.

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3 | Am I confident I will do a good job customizing my WordPress theme?

There are professional developers out there for a reason. They are trained professionals that know what they’re doing and can be confident that they did a good job.

Can you say the same for yourself if you try and modify it on your own? Will you be able to make all of the customizations you want?

Will you be able to use quality CSS?

Bad code can lead to security breaches on your site that can quickly turn into a nightmare and we don’t want that, do we?!

If you aren’t confident that you’ll do the best job, it’s time to hire a professional.

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4 | Will the modifications uplevel my business?

If your business requires very specific, customized modifications that only someone with professional experience could handle, it’s time to hire someone else.

Think about it: if customizing your theme will uplevel your business, helping you earn more revenue, get more clients, attract more of your target market, it’s a no-brainer to hire out.

Being a business owner is all about modifying and refining your processes, checking in on what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

If customizing your site will take your business to the next level, don’t you want to feel confident that your site is customized properly and efficiently?

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5 | Will I need help with future updates?

The thing with customizing your WordPress theme is, it’s hardly ever a one-and-done project.

Often, you’ll need to go back in to tweak and fix things. You’ll also need to double-check if everything works properly once WordPress has a software update.

Having someone else in your back pocket that can help you with these tasks will ease your mind in the long run and is well worth the investment.

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