5 Ideas to Diversify Your Business Income | Looking to grow your income beyond your main products or services? Discover five creative ways to diversify your business income in this blog post.

Money can be an uncomfortable topic for many people, but let’s be honest: you can’t really operate and grow your business without talking about it.

And as a creative entrepreneur, money can be what separates your business from a hobby or side hustle.

So, how can you make money through your business aside from the main products or services you offer?

Lots of ways, in fact! Check out these ideas for diversifying your business income below.

What does diversification mean? If you’re new to the business world, “diversification” is just a fancy way of saying that you have multiple sources of income. This could be multiple services, products, or ways that people pay you!

Here are a few ideas to help you create new sources of income 

1 | Affiliate marketing

As a refresher, an affiliate marketer is someone who builds a brand relationship between a potential customer and a business. The affiliate marketer is the bridge between the two, encouraging their followers to purchase the business’s products or services. The business benefits from sales, and as the affiliate marketer, you’re typically paid a portion of each sale.

Affiliate marketing sounds easy, but you have to create engaging, interesting content without feeling too salesy. It’s also important, to be honest, and authentic. People can easily spot when an affiliate marketer is promoting something that they may not use in real life, or hyping up a product that isn’t that great.

One last tip: when you become an affiliate marketer, don’t go overboard and start promoting tons of items — especially if you’re not really using them! Stick with a few products or services you truly love. It’ll be easier to create honest content when you love them, anyway.

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2 | Digital products

Anyone can launch a digital product! To make your digital products successful though, you need to do your research. Make sure that the digital products you want to create are things that your target audience will actually buy.

Once you figure out how to solve a customer problem with your digital product, you can work on creating something that plays to your strengths. Good at graphic design? Create a PDF workbook or templates. Good at explaining complicated stuff to clients? Create a tutorial or eBook.

From there, you’ll market your new digital products to give them the best chance of selling. Get your new products out there and in front of your customers!

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3 | Training

Let’s say you’re super passionate about the helping or teaching side of your biz. That’s awesome because you can harness those passions and skills to boost your income! 

Offer training to teach your target audience how to do something. This might be a 30-day Bootcamp to master a skill or a 10-day challenge to tackle a difficult task. It’s up to the problem you want to solve and how you want to go about it.

You can get even more creative with how you offer your training, too. You may want to offer an evergreen course that anyone can buy and complete at any time. Or, you may offer an exclusive course that opens to registrants a few times a year. You have a lot of possibilities! 

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4 | Other services

Sell skincare products in an online shop? Who’s to say you can’t also provide skincare consulting services 1:1 to clients? Likewise, if you serve individual clients or small private groups as a fitness instructor, why not look into making fitness accessories or merch?

You don’t have to offer services that directly tie into your own business, either. Sometimes you can look for other sources of income in your industry. 

For example, put your expertise to use and offer speaking engagements at conferences or workshops! You can even teach workshops or host special classes at industry events. Not only do these boost your income, but they also allow you to network and get your brand name out there.

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5 | Freebies

Yep, we said it! Freebies are some of the best ways to bring in additional revenue for your business. You may be giving something away for free, but remember that what you’re really doing is offering something of value to your customers. That builds trust and increases your brand reach.

When you offer freebies in exchange for your followers’ contact info, you’re creating a lead magnet that will help convert them from followers to customers, too. 

If you already have a freebie library set up on your website, brainstorm other types of free content that will entice new subscribers. Recorded webinars, screensavers, PDFs, monthly challenges, swipe files, white papers…there are lots of options for downloadable content out there!

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Final Thoughts 

By diversifying your business income, you can protect your business financially during tough times or “unprecedented times,” as we all saw in 2020. You can also explore new opportunities and put your skills and interests to use!

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