Spring Site Tips: A Website & Social Refresh | A regular refresh of your website and social media is vital for your business! We’ve put together our best site and social refresh tips for you.

A regular check-in and refresh of your website and social media is vital for your business’s success!

Just like spring cleaning your house, you’ve got to do a good deep spring clean of your website and social media channels so they’re relevant and up-to-date for visitors.

Without regular check-ins, your site and socials can easily become outdated, which can affect how first-time visitors or potential new followers see you and your brand.

Your site and social channels are where people go to learn about who you are, what you do, and the why behind it. 

Just in time for spring, we’ve put together some of our best site and social refresh tips for you! Let’s dive right in.

Spring Site Tips: A Website & Social Refresh

1 | Check Your Content

A sure sign that your website needs a good refresh? Your content is outdated and doesn’t align with your current goals, offers, or focus! While you may not be able to update content you have already posted, you can remove what is no longer relevant from your website and social media, and then create content that aligns with your current business goals.

We highly recommend using an editorial calendar to help you stay consistent, organized, and strategic with the content you are putting out. As they say…if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! 

Want your own copy of Bluchic’s editorial calendar template? Get your own free copy below!

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Want your own copy? Download our editorial calendar template!

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2 | Evaluate Your Offers

Take a look at what products or services you currently offer that are bringing in the most revenue for your bottom line, and to see which ones you’re actively promoting on your site and social. Consider updating your offerings to align with what your customers are purchasing – they are telling you what they want! 

Another aspect of your offerings to review is your pricing. If you have never increased your pricing, you might be leaving money on the table. Just like the prices of gas and movie tickets increase as time goes on, the cost of products and services increase, too. 

It can be scary to increase prices, as you may fear how your clients will respond, but focus on the value you are offering and find new ways to sell your offers.

Still worried clients or buyers won’t be able to afford your new prices? Think about offering tiered packages at various price points, with the lowest investment package including the basics and higher-priced packages solving multiple problems for your customer. Remember, you can always adjust pricing at a later date if need be!

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3 | Review Your Branding & Design

As you are refreshing your site and social, it may be time to update and revamp your design! (Notice how we said revamp, not totally re-do!) You want your customers to land on your home page and feel like it sounds and looks like you and your brand. 

Aside from the words and tone you use in your copy, take a look at the visual elements of your site and social accounts. Don’t forget to look at your profile pictures, banners, and other graphics on your site and social media. Do they match your current branding? Do you want to refresh them for a spring-clean feel?

Here are just a few brand & design things you should check to make sure they’re consistent on your website and social accounts:

  • Your logo
  • Your account photo or headshot
  • Your fonts
  • Your color palettes
  • Your bio or About page
  • Handles & titles
  • Anything else that showcases your unique brand

Realizing your website and social media need a bit more visual help? 

We’ve got you covered! Don’t worry about designing a whole new website from scratch. Check out our Bluchic WordPress Themes to find a chic design that aligns with your business. 

You can also check out our Canva Templates as you are giving your social media graphics a refresh — these are designed to match the WordPress theme you choose! 

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Have you ever clicked a link that popped up a 404 error? You probably found another resource instead of trying that person’s link again, right? Of course! The same goes for your site.

You will lose customers and potential sales if your links and offers aren’t up to date! Take the time to go through all of your links and offers throughout your content and pages to be sure they don’t lead to the dreaded “404 Page Not Found.” 

Don’t forget to check your social media links, too! This could be the links listed in your Instagram bio or links you share frequently on Stories, on your Facebook feed, or that are linked in Pins, YouTube videos, and so on. 

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5 | Update Your CTAs

Another place of improvement may be with your CTAs. Call to actions are one of the most important aspects of copy, whether you’re a service provider or a product seller! 

No matter if it’s on your product pages, contact us page or posts on your social media, each page, and piece of content should have a goal in mind and clearly communicate what you want your customers to do. 

Don’t leave them second-guessing – whether it’s “Sign up here,” or “Learn more,” tell your customers what to do next, and be sure your links take them to the right place! 

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6 | Review Your Analytics

Take a look at your Google Analytics or website dashboard to see which pages, posts, social links, and emails drive the most traffic. 

You might see that a particular blog is getting a ton of organic traffic from Google, but nobody clicked it from social media. You may see that an old podcast interview has driven new people to your site, or that your About page is the most popular page on your site. Analytics tell you so much!

Use that data as you are planning out your future goals and launches for Q3 and Q4. Reflecting on what is a priority for your business each quarter will not only help you put together your editorial calendar, but it will help you really dial in and focus on your specific goals to help you grow your business this year. 

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7 | Purge Your Plugins

While plugins help increase the functionality and features of your website, be careful — too many plugins or the wrong plugins can significantly slow down the speed of your site! Did you know that readers will wait an average of 3 seconds for the page to load before clicking off? 

You can check your site’s speed using Pingdom Tools to see which plugins may be slowing down your site’s load time. Using optimized plugins will ensure that your readers are staying on your site! Be sure to include checking your social media widgets to make sure that your most recent social content is on your website. 

8 | Always Use Alt Text

As we have said time and time again, SEO is so important to growing your audience and getting more eyes on your brand and business! To improve your SEO, check for alt-text on both your website and social media images. You can add alt-text to images on your site and feed posts so that people with screen readers can still see what a graphic says or what an image contains.

You may not realize that image search is right up there next to a standard search, meaning that your images could be found when your audience is searching! Take advantage of alt text and optimize your images for SEO. WordPress is set up to help you do this with ease. 

WordPress Media Library image meta data panel

ALT TEXT: WordPress Media Library image meta data panel

Enter the alt text for your image when you upload it and check to see that the file name is descriptive as well. 

Final Thoughts 

It can feel overwhelming to know where to start with updating your site and socials, but with regular check-ins every quarter, you can be sure that your site and social media accounts evolve right along with your business. 

If you’re looking to update your site’s theme, shop our Bluchic WordPress themes to find the one that best suits your business’s needs. Don’t forget to check out our Canva templates to ensure that your website and social media share a consistent theme.

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