How to Reach Your Business Goals With Blogging | The key to having a successful blog is understanding the why & how behind it. Take a look at why we think a blog will help you reach your business goals.

When you think about how you can reach your business goals, does blogging come to mind?

We know that the heydays of blogging were a while ago, but that doesn’t mean blogging isn’t a useful business growth tool. On the contrary!

A blog can be an essential part of your business’s website, as it helps establish your online presence, authority, and brand.

The key to having a successful blog is understanding the why and how behind it. Take a look at why we think a blog will help you reach your business goals. 

How to Reach Your Business Goals With Blogging 

1 | Stay Relevant

To get the most ROI from your blogging efforts, you want to create a bank of resources that answer common questions, show people how you can help them, and also shift their expectations about your products or services. 

You want to focus on creating a database of evergreen content, especially, to increase traffic over time. Evergreen content is information that is relevant no matter when someone lands on your page. 

Also, by having timeless content, you will be able to reuse and repurpose blogs that gain the most traffic! Let’s work smarter and not harder. 

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2 | Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vitally important for growing your online business — more eyes on your site means more sales! Search engines reward sites that post new content consistently and use common search phrases or keywords that connect with how people search. Whatever content you decide to share, be sure that it is what your audience is looking for and Googling. 

Here are a few SEO strategies we recommend implementing, to get a boost from your blogging efforts: 

  1. Install the Yoast SEO plugin. It analyzes your blog posts and gives you a red, yellow, or green light indicating how well you’re doing for each category. And it’s free!
  2. Do keyword research to discover what phrases people are searching for online.
  3. Don’t forget to link to relevant past posts to keep people on your site longer (like we’ve done throughout this blog!)

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3 | Passive Sales

Your blog is one of the best ways to sell passively to your audience. When someone searches for something and they find your content, or you share a blog on social media and someone clicks it, they learn from it. You can share helpful information and then let your readers know you have an offer that solves their problem or answers the question even more. 

The content you post will allow you to speak to specific issues, challenges, or problems your audience is facing. Then, you will be able to thread your products or services throughout your posts as possible solutions to their particular struggles.

Your blog will generate awareness for your products or services without paying a dime for marketing advertisements! People will see that you know your stuff and be more inclined to buy — without you needing to do anything (except writing the blog in the first place).

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4 | Boost Know, Like & Trust

Building your “know, like & trust” factor — ensuring that people know who you are, like what you create, and trust your authority — is critical for any business. You want people to think of you when they need the type of product or service you offer. Becoming a thought leader or a go-to resource for people in your audience is the best way to reach your goals.

Your blog plays an important role in this, as you want people to know that you have what they need, and you have a library of resources to help them succeed. Your “know, like & trust” factor is also an extension of your brand, so if you start a blog consider the importance of visual consistency. 

You want your business to be easily recognized across all platforms (website, social media, logo, etc.). Make sure your blog headers look similar, you use on-brand imagery inside your blogs, and you use consistent language, font, and so on.

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5 | Easy Promotion

A blog isn’t just something you post once and leave alone. Blogs give you content you can consistently share across your platforms, and use to engage with your audience.

While most of our referral traffic here at Bluchic comes from organic searches via Google, it’s still so important to share our content across our social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook.

Blogging gives us the content we need to stay consistent and show up online without burning out or starting from scratch every week.

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6 | Beat the Competition

Business owners with a blog differentiate themselves from their competition because they have readily available FREE resources for their audience. Plus, a blog allows you to showcase your unique voice which will make you memorable, and allow customers to connect with you over the competition (who isn’t making those connections).

Give your business a leg up on the competition by creating content that answers your ideal clients’ or customers’ questions, is easy to find, and is optimized for SEO so that people can find you even if they don’t know who you are.

7 | Opportunities for Collaboration

Blogging is also a great way to create other revenue streams and paths for collaboration. Think about the value you could offer your audience by working alongside another business that compliments your products or services. 

You can create guest blogs, share affiliates’ offers, and highlight someone who’s purchased your products (like we do with our customer spotlights). All of this leads to more traffic because new audiences are seeing the content and sharing it.

Final Thoughts 

Do you see now why we think a blog should be a part of everyone’s business marketing strategy? Not only can a blog help solidify your brand online, but also can be used as an effective strategy for increasing traffic and promoting your products — without you being online all the time.

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