Email Strategies to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers | How can you re-engage inactive subscribers who have stopped reading your messages? Follow these email strategies to renew interest in your brand.

Have you noticed a dip in the open rates for your email newsletters? That means you’ve got some subscribers who aren’t engaging with your content anymore. 

So what’s the solution? Re-engage them! There are many reasons that subscribers stop opening emails — sometimes people switch email addresses or change their goals and shopping preferences. 

But often, the reason is simpler. Subscribers stop engaging because your emails get a little…stale. Predictable. And dare we say… a bit boring.

That might sound harsh, but it’s actually a good thing. Because those are all things you can change! 

Email Strategies to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

1 | Try an Exclusive Promotion or Offer

One way to wake up sleepy subscribers is to create a new offer or promotion just for them. Maybe it’s not an entirely new product or service, but a special bundle or a unique discount for one of your best-selling offers.

The goal is to spark interest and provide exclusive value so they feel rewarded for subscribing and continuing to read and engage with your emails.

And you don’t necessarily have to create a brand-new offer or promotion. Another option is to highlight one of your existing offers or discounts with a special email sequence that you’ll send just to the inactive subscribers. 

You know your brand and your audience best — so make a plan that aligns with your customers’ preferences and your goals. 

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2 | Show Them What They’ve Been Missing

Another option is to create a message (or email sequence) that showcases everything that’s happened recently in your business. Spill the tea on the most exciting things that are going on:

  • Your latest launch
  • A recent press release
  • Upcoming sales
  • New testimonials

Don’t send too many details — you don’t want to overload your subscribers! Just craft a short-and-sweet email with the “here’s what you’ve missed” highlights.

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3 | Share Resources and Ask for a Reply

Sometimes, the best way to get people to re-engage is to specifically ask them to! Include a strong CTA in the re-engagement email. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • Share links to some valuable resources and encourage your recipients to click through
  • Highlight a recent freebie, like a PDF or webinar, and ask if they’ve accessed it yet
  • Ask what they want to see from you: specific resources, types of emails, new products…this is your chance to get valuable feedback and encourage people to engage with your communications again!

The key is to make sure the tone is right. You want to be polite, but make it clear that you’re asking for feedback. You can incorporate an emotional appeal too — just make sure you’re not coming across as desperate.

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4 | Update Your Email Format

Next, let’s take a look at your emails themselves. Sometimes subscribers stop opening and reading your messages because your emails are predictable. Have you used the same format, subject lines, graphics, and CTAs for a while?

Change it up!

  • Try switching your fonts or colors — as long as they still align with your brand’s aesthetic. 
  • Experiment with new CTA strategies — change what you’re telling your readers to do or just put the CTA in a different part of the email.
  • Update the whole design and format of your emails — add or remove graphics, change the focus, make them longer or shorter, or choose a different focus.

For example, if your typical email includes summaries of your last few blog posts, try something different! Focus on an upcoming project or highlight your latest opt-in — readers are more likely to be curious enough to open an email if they don’t feel like they already know what it’s going to say.

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5 | Try a New Sending Strategy

Another option is to just change how or when you send your emails. Maybe send them on a different day of the week or part of the month. Try sending them in the morning instead of the evening. Use A/B test subject lines to see which ones get more attention.

It might sound simple, but even a small change can make your emails look different enough to entice inactive subscribers to open them up and see what’s new.

6 | Create a Targeted Email Sequence

Finally, consider creating a set of three or four emails just for your inactive subscribers. This should be a cohesive sequence of emails specifically designed to reignite interest in your brand. You could do a product roundup or a discount. Another option is to create a set of “mini” launch emails highlighting your most recent offer.

Once you’ve got your email sequence written, make sure you know who you’re sending it to! This is why it’s so important to segment your email list. Move those inactive subscribers into their own segment so you can send your re-engagement email sequences just to them.

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Final Thoughts 

It can be stressful to see your email open rates drop, but it happens to every business occasionally. The key is to pay attention so you can see when it happens and make a plan to address it! 

There are many ways to re-engage subscribers. Consider creating a new offer or promotion just for them, or create an email sequence highlighting free resources or your most popular products. Even just updating the look, format, and subject lines of your emails can make a big difference!

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