How to Know Your New Offer Is a Success | How do you determine if your new offer is a success? Hold a post-launch review! Find out how to analyze your launch and your new offer’s performance.

You’ve officially closed the cart or ended the promotion on your latest launch. Things went well (you think), but you’re not exactly sure. So… how do you know for sure that your new offer was a success?

With a launch review. 

We’ve talked about how important it is to prepare for your launch by building a launch runway. But it’s just as important to take time after you launch your new offer to review the whole event. If you don’t analyze sales, traffic, and customer feedback, how will you know whether your new offer is a success?

We’re not saying you need to just focus on areas for improvement. Your review should look at every facet of your launch, from the offer itself to your sales and audience reactions. You need all that data to really determine whether your new offer was a success.

Is Your New Offer a Success? Here’s How You Know

1 | Schedule a Post-Launch Review (and Celebrate!)

Launch day might feel like the finish line for your new offer, but don’t stop just yet. Make a plan to review your launch, preferably sooner rather than later.

And when we say review, we’re not just talking about collecting a few metrics or focusing just on revenue/sales. We’re also not going to focus just on “what went wrong.” Celebrate your wins! Enjoy the good feedback from your audience. 

Even if your new offer didn’t perform as well as you wanted it to, it’s still important to celebrate all the work you put into it. 

2 | Analyze the Metrics

Now it’s time to really get into the details of your new offer and the launch itself. Yep, we’re talking metrics!

Some of the metrics you want to look at are the same for any type of offer. Whether you launched a new service, product, course, or membership, take a look at these areas:

  • Traffic to your new offer page
  • Clicks to add to cart/checkout/apply
  • Conversions (purchases, applications, etc.)

Depending on what you’re selling, you want to aim for a 5 to 10% conversion rate. So if you have 500 views on your website, you want to have converted 25 to 50 of them. 

Those numbers should give you a pretty clear picture of how successful your new offer was. Make sure to compare those numbers so you understand how they relate to each other. For example, don’t just look at the number of sales — see how that number matches up to your site’s traffic stats.

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3 | Look at More Than Conversions

Conversions are a pretty universal metric to study, but other details vary depending on the type of offer you launch:

  • For a new service, look at leads, DMs, and communications from your audience.
  • For a new product, analyze cart abandonment rates.
  • For a new course, see how many people engaged via questions, clarifications, or objections.
  • For a new membership or mastermind, look at DMs/emails, applications, leads, and discovery calls.

Studying the metrics gives you a complete picture of how well your new offer succeeded.

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4 | Figure Out the Underlying Problems

It’s not enough to just look at the metrics and then call it a day. The real key is to think about what those numbers are actually saying.

For example, if your site got a lot of traffic but not very many conversions, you might need to revamp your sales page. That’s a specific takeaway you can write down to remember before your next launch.

What if your applications and discovery calls aren’t converting? Maybe it’s because your offer isn’t a good match for your audience. Or maybe it means your sales strategy needs work. 

You know your audience, brand, and offers better than anyone. Use that knowledge and your launch metrics to figure out what you need to change to make your next launch more successful.

5 | Look for Small Optimizations

Sometimes, you may not need to make big changes to your sales strategy or landing page. There might be smaller areas to consider.

For example, let’s say your social media posts get lots of engagement, but not very many people are clicking that link in your bio. How do you fix that? 

Clearly, your posts are connecting with your audience! So it might more of a mechanical issue — your audience needs your link to be “closer” or easier to access. Try using stories or emails to share your links and see if that gets more people to click through to your site.

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6 | Get Feedback From Buyers

The best way to know whether your offer is a success is to ask your buyers. If they’re thrilled with your offer, that’s fantastic! It shows that you’re clear on what your audience wants and you delivered on what you promised.

But what if your feedback isn’t so rosy? It’s easy to feel hurt or defensive, but at the end of the day, your customers drive the success of your new offers. If they’re not happy, take their feedback and fix the offer!

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Final Thoughts 

It’s hard to really know if your new offer is a success if you’re just looking at raw sales numbers or site traffic. You need to do a step-by-step review that incorporates all the metrics and gives you a chance to determine what those numbers mean. If you find things that prevented your launch from succeeding as much as possible, you know what to change when it’s time to launch your next offer.

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