10 Important Black Friday Website Elements | Before Black Friday gets here, you want to ensure that your website is ready! We are sharing 10 important Black Friday website elements here.

Everyone loves a great Black Friday sale, but is your website ready for the big day this year? 

Promoting your Black Friday sale is a very exciting time for your business.

It can increase revenue, spark new interest in your business and products, and even bring back previous customers to grab new products or services that you are offering.

Before Black Friday gets here, though, you want to ensure that your website is ready — it’s not too early!

That’s why we are sharing 10 important Black Friday website elements you want to ensure you have before the holidays arrive.

10 Important Website Elements for a Black Friday Sale

1 | Sale banner

The moment a potential customer lands on your home page, you want to showcase your Black Friday sale upfront so they cannot miss it! Having a sale banner at the top of your website homepage is a great way to do this — and it makes it easy for the sale to be the first thing your customers see. 

If you happen to already use one of our WordPress themes, there is already a built-in announcement banner at the top of the page that is so easy to update and make live anytime you want!

2 | Pop-ups

Pop-ups are a great way to keep your readers engaged on your website. Did you know you can set up an “exit intent” pop-up, designed to get your website readers to take some sort of action before they click off your site? You can set them up to pop up when your reader scrolls a certain depth on your page, becomes idle or clicks off of a product they are viewing. 

The pop-up can be another reminder of the sale you have going on, an exclusive freebie or download, or maybe a countdown to the ending of your Black Friday sale. The goal of the pop-up is to get your reader to take action before clicking off your website!

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3 | Top-selling products 

Place your top-selling products or featured offers on your main home page! Think about the products that bring you the most revenue. Why do your customers purchase those products over others? What features draw in your customers? Display those features on your homepage so your readers see it front and center. 

Even consider showcasing social proof through customer reviews and testimonials of your best-sellers to drive even more clicks. (More on this to come below.)

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4 | Sale pricing

One way to highlight how much customers are saving during your Black Friday sale is to show the sale price right next to the original price. That way your reader will be able to see their discount immediately and they will be more motivated to add the product to their cart!

Another way to showcase the sale price is to have the discount automatically applied at checkout. If you are doing a promo code, be sure to test out your coupon code ahead of time to ensure it works without issue.

This is also great if you have a cart abandonment plan, where you can email people who put things in their cart to check the sales price but then don’t click “Buy.”

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5 | Testimonials

Did you know that 88% of customers rely on testimonials and customer reviews when deciding to purchase products or services online??

We encourage you to update your testimonial or customer reviews page prior to your Black Friday sale! If you sell digital or physical products, we’d recommend adding testimonials or reviews to each individual product page, as well.

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6 | Return policy

Take a look at your refund or return policy to ensure it is updated to your current policies. You can include this on product pages, checkout pages, and even confirmation emails — it’s the best way to avoid tons of emails or questions after someone buys.

This will help you avoid excessive holiday shipping costs if you offer physical products, too!

7 | Navigation

Reconsider your site’s navigation or homepage. Does your site help people shop your sale easily? Are there pages you may want to think about hiding temporarily?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and see how you naturally click through your site. It needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate through, with a logical flow between your homepage and product pages. If you have only a few items on sale, consider adding a new SALE page to the navigation that draws the eye.

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8 | Site load time

Did you know you will lose customers if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load? If your site does take a while to load, you can find ways to reduce load time with compression plugins. 

Also, consider using a caching plugin on your site like WP Super Cache. It will put content like HTML pages, images, and files on a user’s hard drive, which quickens up the speed it takes them to get to your site the next time they visit.

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9 | Customer service

Make your customer service so good that your customers can’t forget about you! Think about adding a customer service chat box or widget for easy questions during your Black Friday sale. 

People want to be cared for and having the option to get their questions answered without delay is so important — especially during a big sale!

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10 | Plan for the end

We know all good things must come to an end. Be sure you make a plan to reverse all of the changes at the end of your sale — some can be automatic (like ending a price decrease) but others will need to be taken down manually.

Final Thoughts 

Black Friday will be here before we know it! We hope these 10 website elements help you get ready so that your big sale is smooth sailing. If you want to update your site and get everything ready for Black Friday but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

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