We share 5 marketing mistakes business owners make today with their business, so you can gain some insight and not make these mistakes for your own business

Mistakes. We all make them and they’re inevitable when you’re a business owner (or heck, even a human!).

Marketing mistakes can some of the worst offenders.

What’s great about the world we live in today though is that you can learn from other business owners through blogging and social media.

We decided to share 5 marketing mistakes business owners make today with their business so you can hopefully gain some insight and not make these mistakes for your own business.

5 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making As A Business Owner

1 | You’re not promoting enough

This is a marketing mistake we see many business owners make. I think, for the most part, we business owners never want to come across as too sales-y. In fact, that’s one of my biggest fears and something we never want our audience to think about.

However, you need to promote your products to be seen. And you need to promote… a lot.

Did you know that it takes at least 7 touches of interaction with a potential customer before they will consider purchasing from you?

At least!

Marketing experts estimate that people are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day.

Say what?!

These two facts show that we need to be promoting our products and we need to be promoting them often.

You’ll feel like you’re promoting too much but that’s most likely just enough.

Also, final note, during launches you will be promoting even more than normal, and that’s okay. It’s only temporary and you’re devoted fans will understand if you’re offering something of value (which you always should be!).

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2 | You’re not promoting on the right platforms

One of the biggest marketing mistakes is thinking you have to be active on every single social platform in existence.

You need to know where your audience hangs out the most online.

For instance, Instagram is a great social platform and for a while we felt like we had to constantly be on there, sharing new photos every day, interacting 24/7, you know the drill.

Once we analyzed our Google Analytics, we realized Instagram did not give us a large return on investment of our time and efforts.

While this could change in the future, we know that right now our priority shouldn’t be promoting all the time on Instagram.

You don’t have to be on every platform just because someone tells you so. Figure out what works for you and your business and leave the rest behind.

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3 | Your graphics are subpar

Great branding and graphics are key to succeeding online. If you’re wondering how to create amazing graphics, start by creating a template sized properly for each social media platform.

Incorporate your brand colors and imagery and add text to your graphics describing the content in your blog post. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can start small and grow from there!

Looking for pre-made templates? We got you covered! Check out our Canva Social Media Templates! These are perfect for business owners who have limited graphic design skills but want their graphics to look amazing.

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4 | You’re devaluing your product or service

As a business owner, you never want to devalue your product or service. Ever. In fact, this can be one of the most detrimental marketing mistakes you can make.

What do we mean by devaluing your product or service? Well, this can mean offering too many promotions/discounts or you’re not charging enough.

Giving too many discounts can set a horrible precedent for your customers. They won’t value your product at the initial given price and will always think they can wait to use a discount code.

It’s important to remember the value that you offer with your services or products.

We like to occasionally offer sales or discount codes (Black Friday is a great example), but for the most part, we stick to our pricing because we know how much value we offer our customers.

Want to give an extra incentive for your customers to buy? You can always add a bonus to your service or product instead of discounting.

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5 | You have no unique selling proposition

This is a big one and one you’ll want to pay attention to.

What you’re selling probably isn’t unique enough that you’re the only person in the world selling it. That may seem intimidating, but it’s the truth.

That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel though. One of the most common marketing mistakes you can make is not defining your unique selling proposition.

What’s important to note is what makes you stand out from your competitors.

What makes your spin on the product or service unique?

What makes buying from you special?

What makes you the best choice for your potential customers?

Maybe it’s the excellent customer service you provide. Or maybe it’s your brand’s irresistible personality.

Whatever it is, you need to know what makes you stick out from the crowd.

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Final Thoughts

Mistakes are a part of growing and cultivating a business, but there are some marketing mistakes you can avoid. We hope this post was helpful for you and that you feel more confident in marketing your business.

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