5 New Ways to Attract More Customers or Clients | Having trouble attracting new customers to your business? Are you feeling like all your tried-and-true methods just aren’t working anymore? See 5 fresh ways to attract new customers!

Having trouble attracting more customers to your business?

Are you feeling like all your tried-and-true methods just aren’t working anymore?

We’re here to help you bust out of that rut.

If your social media posts and regular old email newsletters aren’t bringing in the interested leads you want, give one of the methods for attracting new customers below a try. 

How to Attract More Customers or Clients

1 | Boost word-of-mouth

Paying attention to word-of-mouth isn’t a “new” marketing technique, but it’s still one of the most effective. In a world filled with sponsored content and paid advertising, genuinely positive word-of-mouth says a lot about your company. 

A happy customer is likely to spread the word about how satisfied they are with your products or services. They’ll tell their friends and family about you in person. They’ll leave glowing reviews for your company online. They’ll talk about you on social media.

That’s free marketing and advertising! All you have to do is offer excellent products and services, as well as a great, memorable customer experience. You can give your customers an extra reason to spread the word by offering a referral program or incentive program, too.

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2 | Check in with your business

If you’re having trouble reeling in new customers, go back to your business model and look at it with a critical eye. 

Have your offerings changed recently? What about your target audience or your branding? Make sure your website has been updated to reflect any of those changes. (More on that down below!) This will ensure that you’re always positioned to bring in your ideal customer.

Move outward from the core of your business. Are you networking with others in your industry? Are you partnering with other brands that complement your company? Are you increasing your brand reach by volunteering or participating in community events? These are all opportunities to attract new customers.

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3 | Give away valuable freebies

Who can resist a great deal? We know, it seems odd to give away something for free when you’re trying to boost your business. But it works

First, freebies increase your brand awareness. Your freebies get people talking, whether you offer a free item to new customers, give discounts to customers who refer others, or host a giveaway on social media. 

Thanks to the global online marketplace, you have to stand out from all of your competitors. Freebies and discounts can help, especially when people often make an unexpected purchase solely based on finding a coupon or discount!

Once you’ve attracted new customers with freebies, you get to show them how much they’ll love your products or services. They’ll see the value in what you’re offering and pay money for it in the future.

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4 | Create new content

Start a podcast. Begin writing a blog. Record vlogs. Turn your podcast episodes into blog posts. Write guest posts for other blogs or sit down for an interview on someone else’s podcast. 

The more places your brand lives online, the more opportunities you have to bring in new customers. You’ll reach a broader audience and put your brand name out there, increasing awareness and building trust before you even start getting sales.

Don’t limit yourself to just your website and the usual social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram! If you’ve been thinking about creating different kinds of content, go for it.

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5 | Update your website

Finally, your website is the foundation of your business. Sometimes it’s the first thing a potential customer sees before they decide to buy your product or service. If your site isn’t looking as great as it could, you may be missing out on customers.

We won’t get too detailed about what makes a great website, but it needs to:

  • Appeal to your target audience
  • Tell site visitors what you do and why they should support you
  • Be crystal-clear on all of those details

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Separate landing pages are crucial to encouraging your customers to take one specific action. If all of your information lives on one landing page, your site will look like a big, confusing mess. Streamline your site by breaking it up into easily digestible, separate pages. 

Final Thoughts 

Think of these tips as a starting point for your business. Try a couple of methods out. If they don’t seem to be working, try some other ones! With a little trial-and-error, you’ll start to see your customer base grow.

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