Our Favorite Bluchic Sites in 2021 | Want to see our customizable WordPress themes in action? Here’s a roundup of our favorite Bluchic sites in 2021!

At Bluchic, we absolutely love helping female entrepreneurs build their dream websites. We take so much pride in our work and get excited when you do the same.

Not to mention, we are consistently in awe of all the ways our customers bring our customizable WordPress themes to life with their own unique elements. 

That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite Bluchic sites of 2021! Whether you’re looking for inspiration, are curious about our WordPress themes, or want to show fellow entrepreneurs some love, we’ve rounded up some great sites to explore. Get ready to swoon!

Our Favorite Bluchic Sites of 2021

1 | Kate Wilkinson: using ChicBoss WordPress Theme

First up, allow us to introduce you to Kate Wilkinson: a woman who puts the ‘boss’ in ChicBoss. That’s because she’s a business coach and marketing mentor who helps badass entrepreneurs (like you!) amplify their income and scale their online businesses.

As for her website, we love how she’s customized our ChicBoss theme. It’s the perfect balance of clean, simple, and eyecatching — the bright call-to-action buttons stand out against the chic and minimalist color palette. Add some amazing photography to pull it all together, and you have Kate’s impressive business site. 

Visit Kate’s Website | Follow on Instagram

2 | Elley Mae: using ChicBoss WordPress Theme

Every entrepreneur (or person for that matter) wants to work less and earn more. That’s the ultimate dream, right? Then Elley Mae, a business coach who uses our ChicBoss theme to score her dream clients.


As host of The Empowered CEO Show — dubbed the ultimate podcast for female entrepreneurs — Elley needed a WordPress theme with a dedicated podcast page. Our ChicBoss theme supplied, and she delivered. The page is gorgeously customized, easy to navigate, and is absolutely perfect for her site!

Visit Elley’s website | Follow on Instagram

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3 | Pixel Colours: using ChicShop WordPress Theme

Pixel Colours elevates the phrase ‘handmade with love’ with a website that’s chic, modern, and simple. Using our ChicShop theme, this small business helps other entrepreneurs with premade design elements like handmade fonts, digital papers, textures, mockups, and color palettes.


One of our favorite pages? The shop page, of course! It’s where you can easily browse, preview, and shop all of their stunning work!

Visit Pixel Colours Website | Follow on Instagram

4 | The Productivity Zone: using ChicShop WordPress Theme

Even though our specialty isn’t math, there is one equation we can get behind:

Streamlined solopreneur > Stressed out, burnt out, one-woman show

As a productivity coach and systems strategist, Alexandra helps business owners implement systems, routines, and schedules to get back on track.

And she does that with the help of our ChicShop theme, through which she sells her tried-and-true bundles and guides.


We can’t help but swoon at the unique customizations on her shop page — the color palette, gorgeous graphics, and product features — yes, please!

Visit The Productivity Zone Website | Follow on Instagram

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5 | Teaching with Nesli: using ChicBloom WordPress Theme

We’re particularly excited for this website, Teaching with Nesli, because it features our newest and BOLDEST WordPress theme yet: ChicBloom!

And Nesli customized it in a way that we wanted for our customers — finding the perfect balance between bold and professional. It’s also proof that websites can be bright, fun, and colorful while still following best design practices.


As for her business, Nesli creates fun and engaging standards-based activities for teachers. And her site makes it super easy for teachers to access and implement in their curriculums, which we love even more!

Visit Nesli’s Website | Follow on Instagram

6 | Kristi Amdahl: using ChicSavvy WordPress Theme

Next up, meet Kristi: coach, host of The Illuminated Goddess Podcast, and — in her own words — a boundary-setting goddess. With our ChicSavvy theme, she’s created a whimsical, welcoming, and warm website that invites everyone to live their purpose.


Through one-on-one coaching and holding space sessions, Kristi works to help others set boundaries, realize their potential, and find fulfillment in their everyday lives.


We love her unique business as much as we do her unique site — everything from her main logo and color palette to her shapes and iconography.

Visit Kristi’s website | Follow on Instagram

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Final Thoughts 

Creating a website that’s stunning and unique to you is possible. With a Bluchic WordPress template, you can customize every element to make it true to your brand.

The best part? You don’t need a designer, developer, or tons of cash to create your site — you just need a template that’s easy to install and requires no technical skills.

So, are you finally ready to create your dream website? Shop all of our WordPress themes now!

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Psst! We always love seeing our WordPress themes come to life. If you have a Bluchic site, we want to show it off! Just submit your website to our showcase and we’ll be more than excited to feature it.